Golden Nuggets

Welcome to a new month my friends. Sad to say that this is the final month before summer comes to a close here in the USA. I hope everyone had a great month of July. If your July was great or not, let this month of August be your best yet.

Last month was great for me. I made my quota at the very end of the month. I beat my day, my week and finally the previous month. Hopefully I can continue exactly where I left off. As I’m writing today, so far, so good.

Last month I made some changes how I did things online. I set a goal and in hot pursuit of adding an additional income stream online.

So I’ve been thinking about this for some time. How times has changed with this new generation and era. As in fashion. Remember it was wearing your pyjamas outdoors as fashion. Then came the bed slippers look. Then clogs. Now the clogs are now in fashionable styles mainly worn by African Americans. I’m not into fashion. Fashion is not my thing. Smoking weed is the norm. It’s fine. It’s the smoking in public places I’m worried about. Now I saw for the first time on advertisement in subway urging people to smoke responsibly. Never seen that for other type of smokes exclude vaping. Why do people carry around these portable speakers so the world can hear what they are listening to. Where are the headphones for personal listening? This is so demeaning and selfish.

The grass is greener on the other side

This is a misconception to think that “the grass is greener on the other side”. Sometimes you are better off exactly where you are. In certain circumstances, you will be required to move to another place. You may need more space or a better commute for yourself or family. It may be a cheaper way of living or better environment to live in. I noticed people making a move for the very wrong reasons. To find success. Again, jobs maybe a reason to leave your designated dwelling place…any other reasons maybe setting you up for failure. To put all this in perspective, wherever you go, your mind goes with you. If low self esteem is the problem, low esteem does not go away with relocation. Low esteem changes to better only if you decided to change no matter where you are.

Jobs are reasons people relocate. A better job may be possible. Running away from the previous job because of employer/employee issues may backfire. This may cause a string of moving from one job to another with no end in sight.

Have you heard the story of a home owner who sells his property and all he has to go pan for gold elsewhere…not knowing that gold, and lots of gold was discovered on the property he sold. He left and became penniless all his life just because he believed he would be richer if sells and move elsewhere.

Here is a good practice. Travel a bit. Leave your area of dwellings for a long or short time. When you do get back, you will see people and opportunity in a brand new light. That light could be the light at the end of the tunnel you waited for all your life.

The nuggets

Being in the MLM(multi level marketing) business for a few years, I used to attend seminars, meetings and read many books monthly. During my tenure, the information received was vast. My sponsors always suggest to take in what you need and discard the rest. This idea works well in the sense that I was not burden down with too much information. I took in all the information I needed and discarded the rest. All the while, I was mindful that there was certain nuggets buried deep down in all those information. Picking out what I needed was all the nuggets that I needed moving forward.

It’s crazy when I send links and invites that most don’t see the hidden gems inside those invites. First and foremost, many people have different goals and dreams. Making money online has it meaning based on what others want to do with it. Just because I send invites and links, it shouldn’t end there. You should be the one who wants to move forward or not, or, whether to disregard those invites.

I started out as zero. I saw the opportunity to expand deeper into what I learned to grow bigger and better. The choice was all mine.

Bigger is better

In my case, bigger is better. I’ve been saying this throughout my blogging for quite a while. Bigger brings more leverage, more income and more stability. Building big is the outcome of seeing the nuggets hidden inside those opportunities.


Here’s what I do to make it here online.

  • Seek opportunity
  • Read disclaimers
  • Sign up
  • Understand the business models
  • Do the work
  • Expand my network

Your strategy may be different. But here’s a nugget. Anything you want in life, when you think it, believe in it then do it…success is possible.

To your continued success



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