Payment Methods(cheque this out)

Welcome to another day. It is Tuesday and you guessed it. It’s blogging time.

I hope everyone’s week was great since my last post. Mine was very productive. I’m slowly putting certain online activities together. Slowly making what I do come full circle. As the saying goes, “what goes around comes around”. Although this saying is in bad taste, this applies in the positive in my instance.

So what I’m up to? Many new ways to make money. Finding new apps and platforms. Discarding ones that is not working(for me). “Trimming the fat”. Exactly what this term means. You can still have your steak even by trimming the fat. Getting rid of just what you don’t need on it. Bon appetit!! In this case, ching ching!!

Here’s a nugget for you: Pay yourself first. Sometimes we make the mistake to pay ourselves whatever money we have left over, or, if having a job and working our online businesses, we tend to let the job dictates the way we run our online businesses. It’s no side gig if you are serious about it. It’s your life’s work for those who are really serious about it. We should treat our online ventures with the same energy as we treat our jobs. This is my reason to garner success in whatever I do outside of my job.

  • When I had a 9-5 job, I got up early and did the basics. Plan my day according to the time I leave home for the job. Making money in my business even before I even set foot in my bosses’ venture. My break time or lunch time is utilized to get the maximum results moving forward to the end of my work day. The same energy I put in my job, the same or more energy I put in my own venture.
  • Paying yourself first is not limited to sweat equity. It is the quality time you put in your ventures on a daily basis. The money will arrive thereafter.
  • Never put off my business for the job claiming I’m too tired. If I’m really tired, I will not approach the job either. Both suffers.
  • Finishing up my entire day until bedtime to make sure I used my entire day to the fullest… repeat with gusto…

I believe that one of the reasons we quit our ventures is that we don’t make the money, or, if any, for starters. With no money coming in, we tend to question ourselves and if in an affiliated business, question the affiliation. Is this legit? Why is it that I follow all the steps and still make no money. Is this saturation? Is this a pyramid scheme? Was I duped? Maybe you’re right. Maybe you’re wrong. Maybe this type of business is not your style. Or so you think. Questioning your ability to succeed quickly is the ultimate mistake to make. Going beyond the call of duty even though you can’t see the end of the tunnel will no doubt profit you in the end. Here is my question: Are you in it just for the money? Or- Is this a lifelong venture from the get go. You decide. When it becomes a lifelong venture and money starts to roll in…Let’s choose….🎶🎶drum roll🎶🎶🎶 The payment methods.

UniqueRewards - online rewards program

Payment Methods

  • I became a believer when I received my first paper check. Don’t remember how much it was but I was so excited and shocked to really receive it. I still take a check as payment from time to time.
  • I got introduced to cryptocurrency when I opted to be paid in Bitcoin. I rarely take payments in this method since I now invest on my own.
  • Getting paid in PayPal is my favorite source for payment. It is like instant cash and can be used to purchase items from many retailers.
  • Amazon gift card codes is another way I received payments. With Amazon, you can shop online in their stores for any items you desired at a discount.
  • You can opt to receive payments in other retailer gift cards as well. A great way to shop specifically at your preferred retail store on or offline. I choose this method when available.
  • Even though I don’t choose this method, you can donate your earnings to support your favorite cause.
  • Bank transfer is another method of choice. Payment is transfer directly in your checking or savings account.
  • I receive cash for payments about one every two months or sooner. Cash is king. You can never go wrong with cash. I wish I had more platforms in my portfolio that give you instant cash. I’m still searching….

If I missed any other methods, it is that I never heard of it or that it never existed. If I missed one, I will let you know in another post.

Suggestion#1: Sign up for PayPal and Amazon before or after signing up in your favorite applications or platforms. These payment methods are widely used in these platforms and the most popular.

Suggestion#2 : Choose which method is available for cash out. Please refer to the cash out threshold before attempting payments to avoid confusion.

Suggestion #3 : Open up a separate savings or checking account for business and opt to have payments sent there. Use a debit card for transactions if necessary.

Suggestion #4: Subscribe to Amazon. With subscription you can get your items delivered sooner or by choice of delivery.

Above are the ways in which I receive payments. Proof is always in the payments. Timely payments is necessary to me to stay with that application or platform with good reviews and sharing with others here, in other medias and offline. Before signing up, please read the company’s guidelines to avoid confusion in the later stages during payouts.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week and wonderful weekend. Until next post.



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