Being Organized

Hello everyone. Happy Tuesday.

I believe you are not prepared if you are not organized.

Last week I panicked. I couldn’t find my keys anywhere. I know I had them on me since I used them while on the road. So I got to the job. Put my hands in my pocket. No keys. I search the spot where I will normally put my keys in my book bag. No keys. I searched throughout my book bag. Still no keys. Mind you. My keys are on a ring. If I lose one, I lose them all. My mailbox keys. My keys to my lockers on the job, etc. Panic set in. I had a spare but just for my locker at least. That was the least of my worries. I called all the places I’ve been leading up to the job. No keys were found. What am I to do. This work folks. Pay close attention. I stop searching for them for about a minute or two… maybe three. Catched my breath. After that timeout, I decided to empty out the entire contents of my book bag and checked again. Lo and behold. My keys were found. They were found in a spot where I wouldn’t keep them if I were in a sound mind and body. I dumped them there after I made a purchase from a store since my store card was also attached to the ring of keys.

Email Marketing Evolved!

On The Road

I am usually organized. Since I moved around a lot, things have to be placed in certain areas on me or my bags for easy access. Not getting to an item easily can bring tears; that can also be a missed opportunity in tow. Here’s an instance. I was on a road trip. [Wizzing] by on the bus, I spotted a landmark which I needed to take a shot quickly for my blog. Great. The bus stopped at a red light. My phone was off. By the moment I got the phone started, ready to take the shot, the bus suddenly sped off. Missed opportunity.

Keeping my phone(s) and portable fully charged is necessary for my work. Will I have moments of despair. Certainly. But I can limit these headaches by firstly, step back, catch my breath, pause for a moment or two…maybe three and get organized.

On The Job

Since my online business and my job share most of my time, preparing for my job and my business has to coexist. They have to work in tandem. When I was full time (Mondays-Fridays), I rose early(I still do that to this day), planned ahead before leaving for work, schedule my online work time and my job time, work it throughout my time on the job until I leave the job and to finish out my day before bedtime. My job schedule is lighter these days but I still continue to follow that pathway. It works for me. Implementing a game plan. Do the work. This is a another way of being organized.

On My Devices

I started to use applications on my phone(s) for a long time now. I save a few platforms onto my screens as well for easier access. I want to able to open my phone, click on and I’m good to go. Another way of organizing the contents on my phone is to build folders, label them and place the appropriate applications in them. Each time I open my phones, I will then specifically go to those folders and open the applications I wish to work on. This method saves previous time and time is very important when travelling on the road or anywhere else.

In My Bookbags/Wallets

[Oh the clutter]. Finding anything on you can be a grind. Remember my opening key story. It’s in there but you can’t find it quick enough. I used to tell people digging into their pockets, handbags, purses, wallets and bookbags for items. I told them that as long as it is in there, if they can’t find it quickly, so does the thieves. Not funny but I know by experience. I usually keep items in place in my bag(s) for easy access. Wallets and bookbags are sometimes made with extra pockets and deeper spaces to place items. Find specific places to place your everyday items. Put other things not needed regularly or not too important in other areas to access in a later time. Do not haste when putting back your items. You misplace your items and you are back at square one. Find some time to clean out your wallets and bookbags of unwanted clutter. I find it annoying to get past the clutter to find exactly what I am searching for.

My Mind and Body

Be calm. Be still. Breathe in. Breathe out. My mental attitude has taken me to places that I’ve never been before. Patience in self to remain self discipline is key to my mental health. I’ve been spending more quiet time to my self for blogging and other online activities. Travelling to know destination on my free time helps to keep my focus and schedule my time wisely. My mental attitude comes from being blissful. I can organize my mindset and know when to tap in for that extra drive to get me throughout that difficult day when necessary. Sleep and relaxation and eating healthy are also essential to having that peace of mind.


Staying The Course

Being organized is one thing. Staying organized is another. For example: During my online work, there are applications that I use each day, everyday to check in or to see what level I’m at. Applications and platforms are group in ways for easy access as mentioned earlier. Items grouped as important are placed on top while the others are placed on other places on my phone for later access. This can now become habitual. I open my phone first thing in the morning, this is where I go to. Self discipline is the key to staying organized.

Switching gears. Let’s focus in my own words on reasons many might not be organized or stay organized.

  • No focus
  • No discipline
  • No desire
  • Stressful
  • Dependent
  • Mental instability
  • No good work ethics

No Focus: Being easily distracted can lead to not staying focus. Set a day for some me time and plan accordingly. Set up a time for work/family/friends and entertainment.

No discipline: This can be the same as having no focus. If you love what you do, you will find ways to get things done regularly.

No desire: Maybe it is best to find the things that burn the fire within you.

Stressful: Find ways to lower that stress level. Get some rest. Take a nap. Travel to known or unknown places or run/walk or do other exercises.

Dependent: If you are not able to work on your own and need someone always around to help, you may need to change that attitude. This will probably help if you learn a new skill or two on your own terms and enjoying those new skills. It’s like playing with a new toy you love.

Mental instability: Taking drugs or alcohol may limit your brains to be functional. With your brains impaired, there is no use for your body to react in the positive. Give these up and renew your minds.

No good work ethics: Dependent or not, you will not get things done. Laziness takes you over. Be more active if you need to get over this attitude.

So you see the more organized you are, the less your life becomes chaotic. As I been saying throughout my blogging is that you need to change bad habits for good ones. It takes approximately thirty days to constantly do a thing to make it become an habit. Do it. Be organized. Stay organized all your life.

To your health and success




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