“So Over-Rated “

Being bothered by the things that you should be bothered by is one thing. Being bothered by things you choose to bother you is another. So I’ve chosen the things that I choose to bother me and to vent a little. I got time on my hands. Time on my hands means that I am not angry at being bothered here. When I’m out and about and writing, just like a investigative reporter, I find the things to vent about. So happy for my blogging. Today I vent away…or should I say blog away. Read at your own risk.

Be advised. What ever I’m writing about now will anger others. This is not intentional. These views are mine only. Again, some may agree, some may not. Read at your own risk.

Before I start, let me say this. Christians like myself are not suppose to get in too much in what goes on in the world as it is. This era, people believe on the rights to choose and to believe in whatever is good or taught to them. Because of this, our society is unstable. Wars and conflicts will prevail. Christians are not judges, just Messengers. Let the Real Truth be your guide. Peace and love to everyone.

“So Over-Rated”

Some of the things people say and do makes me pause for a moment. I remember growing up and believing that “The Tooth Fairy”, Santa Clause and the “The Easter Bunny” were real. These things were meant to be real to us so thanks to the media and to our parents for lying. To this day, some do believe that these fantasy figures are real and out there. Still believing in this and to make our kids still believe in this is crazy. In our society today, this type of crazy is acceptable. It’s “So Over-Rated”. Give all credit to the truth, please.

As a boy, I believed I could help mankind by being one of those super heroes we read in comic books and seen on cartoons on television. Now it’s all movies on the big screen. These days, everyone, young and old, get excited over our super heroes coming to the big screen. Fantasy is good to all. It’s an escape from reality. It is a form of an high. When it’s all over, it’s back to reality to wait for the next fix. I love these movies. I fix me first. This is “So Over-Rated”. Movie creators bring in all the money. Many broke people are addicted to film and other means.

I love animals. I had a puppy or two when I was a boy. Folks. We are still on top of the “food chain” as humans. Our pets are not our “sons and daughters”. These days humans are taking this pet thing too far. Doggy strollers and body harness to carry around your pets is strange. Day care and hotels are a bit much. There are more that I refuse to mention here. All I can say is, all these pet loving actions are “So Over-Rated”. By the way, leaving your entire wealth to your cats is so strange. And a cat as Mayor or other elected official? Even worse. Even the dogs are not wagging their tails at the moment.

What happens when we die? Do we go to Heaven immediately? How do you know this? How do you know that your love ones are looking down on you, protecting or guiding you? So stop saying this. Some believe that they die and came back to life with stories to tell. Stop saying this.This may bring condolence, but it’s not truth. These sayings are “So Over-Rated”. You are neither in hell nor Heaven at the moment. It’s all written in the Scriptures.

Speaking of Scriptures. A former friend who was atheist at the time says that she is in some other form of religion. Witch craft? it seems. Her words are, “It’s not that I worship the devil”. If it’s not of God then who is it to worship. Let the devil finds out that he’s got competition in his department.

We love our children. Yes. We love them dearly. Too dearly. Some parents let their children out loose in public with little or no supervision. When the children or themselves fall into danger, they blame others and threaten to sue. Law suits are “So Over-Rated” when one don’t take precautions, or stage it to blame others just to make some money.

If you let others take advantage of you at will, why complain. Say for instance, in our jobs, we have bosses whether you like it or not. This is not news. Business owners and their bosses run the day to day operations including their employees. You know the structure of businesses. You may not like what is handed out to you. Take it or leave it. If you do not like what is going on, then leave for better pastures. And good luck. It’s “So Over-Rated” that these fall outs occurs and others get caught up in it rather than working to come to a peaceful solution including better work performances.

Speaking of work performances. Many keep asking for more money for work. Many do not go above and behond unless firstly getting compensated adding to the chaos.

This is baffling me. Why is it that during a crisis people of all races come together to assist each other then when all is clear and normal, the fighting continues. Why is crime within same race is more tolerable than against other races and cultures. Why do men to be the laughing stock and embarrassment in a commercial by a woman or child. There are more to write here but my griping will end here.

To be “So Over-Rated, all the above have to be accepted into society and not talked about too much or given an hype. What’s on your mind?

Thanks for reading



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