“The proof is in the pudding”

Hello again everyone, and welcome to a new day. A new blog. I hope everyone’s week was fun and productive. Mine was as usual..minus the fun. Each month/week, I aspire to do something different. Doing things differently, or coming up with new ideas, help to keep my attitude at an uptimum level. Not to say I will procrastinate or otherwise, but, being at an higher level really helps in case I decided to drop down a few notches in case of an emergency. This leverage works for me all the time. That said. So.. “Let’s eat”.

“The proof is in the pudding”

What does this mean? Really? Why choose pudding?

To my understanding, the proof of the pudding is in the tasting. You can only know how good it is only if you taste it or eat it. Why pudding? Don’t care. Pudding works well here…and pudding is what we heard from the beginning. The same rings true  for “have your cake and eat it too”.  Cake is what we are known to hearing.

What really does this mean?

In real terms, for you to know how a system or product work, you will have to test it out or just plain use it. That is the only proof you will need that the system or product works. Someone else telling you how it works without you ever trying it out benefits the deliverer not you. If you did it. If you tried it. If you used it. That’s the only proof you will ever need.

My experiences

I learned from experience that proof gives credence to whatever you’re promoting. Say for example, my first time ever selling and promoting started out hard until I finally began to use my products. Using my products gave me the motivation to promote more, and then, selling became easier. Selling more easier? Yes. I believe my products were the best thing on this planet since “sliced bread”. Food for thought 😆

As you may know, and from previous blog, I stated that I hated selling. What I finally came to terms with, is that, selling is a part of your everyday living. You sell yourself on a job interview (some may even lie)…on a job promotion as well. On a date, you sell yourself. You know you. The job interviewer and your prospective mate may finally get to know you after trying you out. Proof by knowing.

Proof gives your audiences believe of what you are saying is true. Proof gives credibility to whatever you are proposing. Your proof has to be believable.  I’ve seen marketing materials where the proof seemed so far fetched. What I mean is, this may be proof. This may be the truth. But, it seems like it is so hard to believe that I can be able to do it. In this case, proof is there, but trust and believability for me is not. This is even before I ever trying it out.

There is no need to sugar- coat this. (more food talk 😃) Proof is truthful. Truth that this happened is proof enough. Can this also happen for you as well? The answer is no. But, this doesn’t mean what did happen is a lie. Saturation, say for instance.. in affiliate marketing can make proof seems a lie. When a lot of people are doing a certain program, that program becomes harder to accomplish, but, this doesn’t mean that proof is a lie. This only means is that you will only need to work harder to make it proof for yourself.

I remember getting my first check from working online. This was proof that this worked as proposed. This check was good. I made some real money. I continue working this project from day one to today. This proof then Ied me to continue other programs with confidence. Not to say that all my programs online was successful. I give me credit for trying even those that were so far fetched.


The proposal

I love what I do online. It may be boring, unbelievable at times or seems so far fetched. I propose to share the simpler part of all I do. Truth is, everyone is doing what I do anyway. I can show proof that everything I do works for me. Working long term online gives truth to this. People may ask, “Am I making any money”. Let me answer it this way. “Are you making money on your job?”. Whether or not people make money on their jobs, they stay there, get another one in addition or totally move to another one.

Do something new this year. Each year I add to my portfolio of online activities in spite how I did the previous years. I call this growth. Confidence and workmanship creates a reason to believe that growing will work best by constantly doing new things in addition to what I am constantly doing. Growth is in learning. Learning each day stretches you. This works well for brain power.

  • Proof is doing
  • Proof is experience
  • Proof gives credence
  • Proof is personal

The proof is in the pudding🍮

I wish you all success




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