Repeat Performances

Bravo!! Encore!!👏👋

Welcome Part 1 to my all stars of programs. These are the programs where I have no choice but to come back again and again to make income. Even thought some are not quite residuals (some work needed), they still rank high on my list.

What make my all stars? First of all, consistency. 1. Payout is quick with no issues. 2. I have been using these programs for a while. 3. Program is easy and straightforward.

At the end of this blog, I will share links for you to gain access to these programs. Hopefully, these can be your all stars as well. Hope you will find this helpful. Don’t forget to check out more offers at

Been to a Broadway show lately? Usually at the end there is usually a standing ovation. The audience appreciate a good show. No repeat performances here since the shows are time constricted. You may be lucky if you see your favorite band or performer give you an extra rendition just because you ask for it. For the most part, the curtain is drawn. Curtain call. Show over.

As a child and also in my early years as an adult, I performed in plays and sang in solo or group. It is quite a rush when I get the audience wanting for more. The audience appreciated my talent as an artist. The love. The passion. It’s hard to describe the feeling felt in words. It’s a feeling of, I did my job. I make my fans happy. They appreciate me.

In movies and television, franchise is the word used as of late. Marvel and DC are doing this. A sequel perhaps in others. The pleasure of creating contents for your audience to keep coming back for more. Some do binge watch as an option. In a live show, you can always come back to see the show again and again. I still go back to see the same movies over and over again if I really liked it. Don’t forget the reruns when it comes to television. Still watch them.

The reason that I share the above about theatre and television shows is that loyalty is not limited to it. You can be loyal to any brand or service. Loyalty has it’s rewards no doubt. Loyalty is not limited to my “all stars” which I will share later on in this blog as well.

Frugality plays a major part for me in staying loyal to brands. Being frugal sets the tone since I can stay loyal to many brands at a time instead of one or two. There are no guilty pleasures here either. I treat this as a professional as possible.  I treat this as a business of making money in every purchase, in every transaction, in every deals. Flexible. Open mindness. In other words, brand loyalty in many brands bring repeat performance without even thinking about it. I have to shop for food and services anyway. This is anyway shopping. A few of my all stars are shopping apps. 

There is nothing like a good investment. My believe system states that investing in stocks, bonds or cryptocurrency, even if is not residual in nature, but reinvesting dividends, the shift in prices and constant investing, I can make money here without the hassle of worrying too much how money is made here. Setting this up. Reading the guidelines. Investment and savings apps form a intrecal part of my all stars.

Surveys. Advertising. Videos. Exercise. Browsing. You name it. Everyone is doing it online. We are living in a digital world. How you make money from this? Easy. Just change how you do this. Since programs that are based on your activities online, wants your services in the worse way…You make money….They make money. These programs are my all stars of making money. It becomes habitual. It becomes addictive. It’s performances so good, just makes sense to keep coming back for more.

👏👏👏 Bravo!!! 👏👏👏

👇👇👇See some my All Stars below.👇👇👇

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Thanks for reading.

I hope this helps

To your success



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