My week in review

Hello everyone. Welcome to yet another week. Sorry to sound like a broken record, but, isn’t the days seem to be flying at warp speed? I’m finding it very hard to keep up. Gladly I did last week. Everything I sought out to do I did it. I made my daily goals effortlessly. I was more calm and relaxed going through this. I had a good week. I’m going to mention some of the things I did, and at the very end, I will give you ideas in which you can use to make your busy day go smoothly.

First and foremost, let’s give thanks to surviving another week no matter your religion or creed. God is good.

I spend a lot of time on surfing platforms. I’m learning a lot from promoting and advertising. Learned to differentiate between promoting and advertising. Advertising is promoting versus promoting as tools needed to advertise. I’m confuse just saying that so I won’t say it again. Yes. They serve different roles on these surfing/promoting/advertising platforms. Kudos to me, I managed to stay the top five surfers on two platforms for few months now. The same last week. By the way, my week runs Sunday through Saturday.

I’ve spend some time on investing in stocks and crypto as well. I call this house keeping. This is part of my activity online that should not be ignored. I admit, this part of my portfolio was placed on hold for a short while..while learning more from the above surfing platforms. I finally merge both together last week and feeling great about this accomplishment.

I shopped more last week. As a matter of fact, I’ve been concentrating on shopping for the past few months due in part of my all week off as my new schedule from my place of employment. I travelled more, so spending more is evitable. Spending is one thing. Being frugal is another. Recording and tracking my spending is relevant to getting the most buck back and savings. Don’t forget. The only way you can get these deals as “sale”, “savings”, “bargains”…No matter what this is called, please put away the money you save in an account in a bank, investing firm or savings jar. I do. Let me share this. So I went to a food store in a seedy part of town in my travel and purchased some cake amongst other food items. I’m at the register. Before the cake is being rung up, the cashier pointed at the price,”Sir, you know that’s the price for the cake, right?” “Yes”, I said. She proceeded to ring it up. I felt so embarrassed. Even though the price wasn’t that pricey, she believed I wouldn’t be paying that for cake. That is so steriotipical. Next time I will give her my business card. Maybe she could read my blog to see that I never pay full price for anything anyway.

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I’ve also been on other platforms as well to top things off. Took a few surveys or watched a few videos for payments. These are also part to making income even not much, but enough to add to my investment. I call this interest on my account which is much much better than what any bank, traditional or online, will pay.

Walking is part of my online money making endeavour. I walked and gain steps for profit each day. Last week, I walked 3.7 miles which I posted for friends and associates to see. In addition to my mental capacity, being physical is essential to my doing business online. This also aids in being fit for my day to day including few hours of working on the job which becomes easy.

My travels each week brings peace and comfort to make my weeks more tolerable and exciting. I can relax while traveling on the road or do a few things online. Usually my travel takes two hours each way. At my destination(2 or more days), I even watch movies and television shows more often. I’m still a fan of these crime shows. Let me share this: The perpetrator:”I learned to do crime by watching these crime shows”. The Host:”Don’t they know that these crime shows are aired because they caught the perpetrator?”. Be careful who or what you follow.

In conclusion, let me share a few tips to make your week more tolerable.

  • Set goals and do them
  • Exercise
  • Eat well
  • Do the things you love
  • Work smart
  • Have fun

Stress should not be a part of your daily or weekly routine. If stressed, take a trip or watch a good movie or two. I understand that one can be stressed on the job or if in business in the traditional sense. If you are in a non-traditional business like affiliate marketing or blogging as myself, if stressed, you should quit. Make doing these businesses fun. This is your life’s work. If it feels weird, quit immediately.

I hope this week brings you joy and prosperity.

Thanks for reading



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