Random act of blogging

Hello, Hello, Hello

Very hard  to immediately come up with a topic  to write on this week. I believe I had a mind freeze. It’s not that I am running out of things to write on, it’s that I’m always busy doing other things and I always rely on getting a topic last minute then to write freestyle. Not today. Not this time. This is last minute and still no real topic. At least I’m in the freestyle mode. You will see a topic there, but this was placed there “miles” after I started writing.

Welcome to my blog with no real theme whatsoever.

I did my normal weekly activities, including my local travel while off from the job. I believed I slept well for four nights. Bad news though, I kept dreaming all those nights. Dreams or nightmares are never good for me since it dampers my sleep patterns and make me think about them(the dreams),when I wake. Thank Heavens these were dreams not nightmares…but still….I did not get sound sleep.

My eating pattern was off as well. I did not enjoy my meals this time. I ate Chinese cuisine taken from the usual restaurant and food was not great. I know I was feeling fine. No stuffy nose or coughing/sneezing detected. Again, I believe I didn’t sleep the way I would normally sleep while away…that was the main reason I believe. Anyway, I enjoyed my dessert of caramel fudged ice cream.

Let’s do a random take on sleeping. Here’s the question. Who gets the better sleep? (1)Sleep eight hours/day or (2)Sound sleep always/ less than eight hours a day. What is a good night’s sleep when your sleep is interrupted? I take the latter. I can sleep six hours or less each night, uninterrupted..and..feel fine over eight hours of so-so sleeping.

Let’s jump to my blog site. I don’t believe I took too many off weeks since blogging. I probably took a week off when I changed my post settings…that’s it. [I just gave myself a pat on the back] Now with all my post going about a year, coupled with my other blog site, I have enough materials in the mainstream just in case I may need a deserving break.

Talk about break? I broke one of my phones over a month ago. It just fell out my hands and dropped in the right position to crack the screen. I still use it. I will get an upgrade to 5G next time and try to be more careful. A protective covering should suffice. That’s not too bad to break a phone. I travelled a lot over the few years and during Covid with no other issues.[Patting myself on the back again].

I’ve felt a bit depressed. This happened only once this week. I rarely feel this way. If I did, it would normally go away in a short time then I would get back to my normal state. Ever felt that empty feeling? It was the feeling I got. It’s weird. It’s like I had no self worth. Then [walla]. I was back to my jolly old self again. So glad that I rarely feel this way. This was an outliner. This is proven that I’m human and not invincible.

For a few months now, I found myself digging up my past and remembering my childhood days. Music was my go to at the time. I remember hearing music on the radio while getting dressed for grade school as a youngster and living in the Caribbean. Thanks to YouTube and Google, I can rehash some of those music and memories. Even though some of those music were remastered, it still keeps the memory alive. The music itself remains the same. I really liked the originals much better. I made a post on this last year. It’s called “Feeling Nostalgic”(July9,2021). Check it out. I wonder, is bringing up the past the results of getting older, being bored with this era or just plain more relaxed in my mind. Maybe it’s all the above.

Will try to make next week a better one. But who knows what lies ahead. If any changes, you will definitely be the first to know. So far I’m out and about and traveling as usual and all is going well. Will it be random posting next post, again,who knows. Let me tell you this, random or not, I will have something to tell.

Until next time….

Thanks for reading



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