Networking, 101

“Let’s network together”, I asked. “No thank you”, maybe the reply. Here’s the truth to that. If you are not in my network, you will be in someone else’s…and the grim reminder, it may not by choice.

There are the phone companies. The gas/light companies. Cable, insurance, banks, you name them. Sooner or later, they will get you into their web, and hard for you to get out while in. Everyone is part of someone else’s network. Why not start your own..or join with me.

Sadly, none of my friends/family/associates are in my network (if you are, then welcome). What what I do know is that my network mainly involving people I never met but share the same passions online. For instance, my blog(s). Bloggers, marketers and other online business owners/affiliates are all part of my network. This I do appreciate since we all share the same passions.

I have no passion to get rich off anyone. Unfortunately most look at networking as “one big, unforgivable pyramid scheme”.  I say,”if this is the case, all networking should fall under such”. Why limit that to the “little guy”

Here’s the real deal. Networking doesn’t have to fall under “making money”. For example, social media sites are a great way to “hook” with your friends/family and affiliates. Here you can join a group or start your own.

FB Groups are great outlets to spread “your love” to like minded people as yourself. Coupled that with other social media outlets and you can form a vast network in your arsenal.

No need to stand alone in this fight. You will never survive. Take a page from these past partnerships and acquisitions over the years from major companies. They needed help. So do we. Let’s network.

Sign up to my blog and let’s network together.

Enjoy your day



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