The Trust Factor

Hello everyone.

Here I was, surfing online, when I thought about blogging on this topic. Trust. This is not a human relations.. Trust, but “being-able- to-rely-on-the tools-you-use-to-carry-on-with-your-day-to-day internet-business(es)”…Trust. Not going to tell you my secret, but, surfing takes time and patience. Timing is everything. How much time it takes to surf efficiently, boils down to the device you are using… And don’t forget, your internet connection. By the way, as I mentioned in previous posts, surfing refers to viewing other’s programs in exchange for the opportunity for others to view your programs as well… “Tit for tat” of sort. Surfing is now added to my daily activity as of late.

I will be sharing some flashbacks from me online on various projects along the way. Some of these photos can be seen on my Instagram account amongst other social media accounts.

Use many phones on discounts I don’t spend too much money on devices. Who says, “the higher the price for a device is the better it works?” No one. I rely on efficiency and a cup of coffee (see image) to get my day started on the right foot. For the record. I write, edit and post only from my mobile phone and mostly on the go…so..having the efficient tools, aid in the fast pace in my world of productivity…and blogging.

Chargers usage

Trust in your devices

I have a rule.

1. Trust in God

2. Trust in self

3. Trust in your devices

1. God

First and foremost, you have to be spiritually connected. Who are the reason for your being? Having that spiritual connection helps to heal your wounds if you’re having a crisis. Most just quit when stumble upon roadblocks, instead of just praying and having the faith for God to lead the way out of their turmoils. Trust in God.

2. Self

What are your abilities? Do you have the confidence to work your way through the good and bad. Learning and mastering new skills can help. Being independent and intra dependent will help your cause if necessary. Be creative. Be confident. Trust in self.

3. Devices

Using the right tools will help. What you need to do will aid you well if the tools you are using helps in your cause. Change tools if necessary. Upgrade to faster and bigger if necessary. Are the device(s) you are using serve the purpose in your online activities. If yes. Trust in your devices.

Mining for crypto day out

Here are the common questions.

1. Why so many devices?

I saw this guy doing this years ago and I just copied him. He was running about eight to ten devices at a time..or even more. I said “wow”. He even has cellphone giveaways to lucky followers from time to time. Managing so many devices all at once has so many positives. First of all, unlimited storage capacity. You can multiply your storage to download many applications all at once. Think about it. Secondly, this multiple your income ten folds all at once. This works when you trust in your devices.

2. How can you afford so many devices?

Easy. When cellphones came into existence, cellphone services were expensive and rare. You didn’t have many options to choose from but one or two. You have a take it or leave it opportunity in those times. Now there are many services and carriers to choose from. I may also but at least buy  two expensive(not crazy, though) or top of the line mobile phones and then others are adequate just to run my applications. I pick “cheap” services. Run them. Upgrade phones each years to better ones. Repeat. I even has multiple plans on devices that are affordable… (The family plans) This works when you can trust in your devices.

3. More whys?

To answer these questions, it has to be a reason behind why I am doing what I’m doing. This has to be “my mental capacity ticking to the beat of my reason for being”…or doing.  In other words, is the above method really works? Yes. Is this for everyone? No. Can you make money here? Yes. Is it worth it? For me, Yes. There are hundreds of money making applications. Most are for free and most do work. This takes some work to weed out the bad ones and stick with the good ones. Repeat. This works if I make this my business to make good income from these methods. Putting trust in self helps to accomplish this.

There are more questions out there where I have the answer to. There are some questions that only you can answer. You need to know what you love to do, no one else. You need to know what makes you tick. You need to know your passion. Your drive. All this can accomplish when you find these and trust in what you found. Trust in God. Trust in self. Trust in your devices. Need to get back to surfing…..See you next post.

Mining for Bitcoins

Enjoy your day everyone!!

I want to tell you about the coolest part of CryptoTab Browser. Of course, I’m talking about mining. Imagine how easy it’s now to get BTC. You just use your browser and mine crypto in the background, without making any effort. Don’t believe it’s real? Try it!


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