Year Ending

Hello Everyone. Hope everyone had a lovely week and wonderful Thanksgiving (US)

Today I’m sharing my early year in review and what I’m looking forward to in the New Year now that the Holiday Season is on it’s way.

Giving thanks🙏👍

There is a lot of things that we have that we have to appreciate. I look at life as if there are others out there whose life is worse off than mine. Giving thanks is the best way of showing appreciation. We have health. We have family/friends. We have the ability to earn income no matter how small. Most of all, we have life.

‘Tis the season🎄🎅

Now we all know that it’s coming to the end of the year. Christmas and New Years is on everyone’s minds now. The stores are filled with Christmas decorations for you to purchase and for them to promote for their own display. I believe this year has been timely in bringing in the Season, reason being, I’ve seen Christmas been brought to the mainstream way too early. But this timely observation is my view only, since The Holiday promoting vary from region to region. What’s more obvious is there is only one more month left for preparation and fun to ring out the old and into the new year.

Fast track🛤️🚞

This is obvious to everyone that time seems to speed along these days. Weeks fly. Months fly. Years go by rapidly. Strangely, it’s not just the older folks who are noticing this phenomenal. Young folks as well. Back then, when you said that time flies, the young folks will look at you as being old and bored. Now everyone can now feel old and bored with time. Time has no respect of persons.

Even though it’s not quite a full year since I’m writing, I will call this year a pro-rated year. I started writing in February of this year. I feel like I’ve started sooner. So grateful that I haven’t missed a week in writing, even writing and posting on another blog site as well did not change the way I conducted my usage of my time well spent in writing here. Time has no respect of me as well. This put me on the fast track heading in the New Year. New Year. New contents. Hope to learn more as time goes by. Staying on those tracks is paramount to my success here working online in marketing and investing as my blogging helps to share my progress. I’m just not in it for the money. I’m in it to share and to learn from others as well.

Out with the old…….?

Not sure that I will be changing much going into the New Year. Maybe a few adjustments here and there. I learned this saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it”. I may do a upgrade to my web pages if necessary. I believe I need to improve what viewers see each time they come to my site and web pages.

The year in review

I made a few milestones since starting this site comparing to when I first started and ended over five years ago. Viewership was at an all time high. I had more sponsorship which led to payout each month. I was able to promote other sites as well. This cross promotion helped me a great deal in bringing in new leads to my site(s). I was not able to do this in the past. Consistency played a great role in accomplishing all that I mentioned here…the pandemic played a great role in giving me more time on hand to make this possible. Sadly, there were lockdowns and other inconveniences…but being an opportunist, I took advantage of all the time I had…all the obstacles I faced. For the most part, I had fun blogging this year.

I’m looking forward to the New Year. I don’t believe that I’m at my full potential as yet. There are many more things that I need to accomplish or to brush up on. So thankful that now that I have a lot more time on my hands, I can create more opportunities for me to share.

Have a wonderful holiday!!

Merry Christmas!!

Happy New Year!!



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