Beach Town

Hello everyone. Welcome to a new month. This is the final month of the year. I already bade my farewell to this year in my last post and also all or some of my accomplishments in the year. Please see my post for more details. Also check out some of my invitations to new apps to check out at

Peace and quiet

As you know, last this year, I’ve reduced my work hours on significantly on the job. A sort of a prelude to my full [forced] retirement from the job scene. I’m too young to retire(by age) while still healthy, and I have no desire to wait until I get to those required years. Not interested indeed. My hours are a little less weekly but my off days are significantly much higher. Now I can do more of what I love to do on my off days. I can get more peace and quiet even though my 18 years on the job was stress free for the most part. As some might joke, “don’t quit your day job”,I’m good and ready to quit when that time becomes necessary. Great to know that I’ve prepared myself over the years to not to become too comfortable in the job environment. I’ve seen many people being let go against their will after years of service to a boss to seek help in starting over. I was let go once myself. Not a good feeling. You learn your lesson. But not everyone. Most just go back to the same old same old. Not me. Serenity now. Working for total freedom.

Easy Does it

I tend to find it calming to be in a beach environment. I love the big city life for well, bigness. I love the beach town as my choice for suburban. Taking it easy these days is a priority for me. Just made it my birthday this past Tuesday. So thankful to make it to another year.

I believe that growing up as a child and living close to the beach draws me closer to the beach environment to this day. Those days were the best days of my life growing up. There was fun. There was joy. There was peace. I used to go to the beach to get away from the everyday stress of the inner city lifestyle. Learning to swim helped back in the days. I don’t swim as often today, but being close to the ocean, hearing the waves, hearing the sea gulls and other water birds chirping in the open sky, gives me the [at ease] feeling of calm and relaxation.

Living an healthy lifestyle

It is not all about eating right and exercise. It is also about having a peace of mind. You all know that I do lots of walking as a preferred form of exercise. Walking in an environment where there is minimal to no motorized traffic fits well with walking without the navigation of other wheeled traffic in my wake. In a park. At the beach or beach environs like a boardwalk really help my cause. Big city with traffic? I used the parks, certain street assigned walkways and other means to get my “walk on”. A quiet beach town? Nothing beats the freedom of closing my eyes from time to time to listen to the ocean and chirping sea birds. Not to ignore the good air quality comparing to a big city.

My goal moving forward in living an healthy lifestyle is still a work in progress. I cannot guarantee that I will totally give up comfort foods but I can limit my intake. I can assure you that walking/jogging will be an intricate part of my healthy routine. I love me my big city, but nothing beats a beach town for rest and relaxation and to aid in accomplishing my goals.

“Happy Birthday to me!!!”

Thanks for reading.

*Pictures courtesy of Atlantic City, New Jersey.


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