Procrastinating 101

So I came up with this topic when procrastinating  was mentioned in a movie I saw few weeks ago and it struck a nerve. The 101 I just added in for writing purposes. You can see this post as a lesson or guide to my use of the word and how I deal with it one-on-one. So 101 is the appropriate phrase. So, Is procrastinating a blessing or curse? First and foremost, I have many things to say on this topic, but I will keep it brief.

As a verb, to procrastinate means to put something off. To delay. To postpone. We all did this from time to time. Some will get back to the task at hand after a delay, some will never.

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Let’s play some basketball. Ever seen a team on a run, hitting baskets from every angle and humiliating the opposing team. “Time out” that opposing coach will shout out, in a quest to “cool” this team down, hopefully breaking their momentum. Cheers go out to this “hot” team, and hopefully they are playing on their home court. Bad for the hot team and their fans, hopefully good for the other team and  their fans to “stop the bleeding”.  I love the game of basketball. I don’t play but I love to watch the game. Hopefully I may get a chance to see the game live in the future. Tickets anyone?

Playing professional basketball as in any other professional sport, it’s like playing a game of chess. It’s your move. Let me counter your move. The winner will be proclaimed.

Momentum plays a great role in my day to day working online or even blogging. I can have some good vibes throughout the day that I easily take advantage of. Other days, I make it my goal to “stop the bleeding” and end things right then and there for another day. I believe that if you have the momentum going in your favor, don’t quit just yet, ride the wave so to speak. Never break your own momentum. You may never get it back.

Mental alertness

Tiredness will put a damper on your day, especially if you didn’t sleep well or didn’t get to sleep at all the night before. Yawn!! You can barely stay awake yet to be productive through the day. Caffeine may not do it. Sleeping will be the one and only remedy. How do you achieve your goal for the day if you are in this state of mind. Nearly impossible. Your aim is to take a nap.. right? Your body says, “no way. Let’s make this a full blown sleep just to make up”.  I find myself getting up much later than planned therefore ruining my entire day of productivity. It’s hard to recover from that. I strive to stay mentally alert everyday. Setting goals throughout my day makes it easier to see how my day is going even though I may lack the mental alertness that I am so accustomed to having.


This is a natural phenomenon. One can easily become distracted. At home it’s the television, telephone and the refrigerator. Family matter is easy since everyone [loves]their family and would do anything even to sacrifice their own personal mission in life. At work it’s the gossips and disrespect given out to you by others, even to discredit your mission in life outside of the job. Your own short attention span will get you caught up in everybody’s issues and undermining your own and wearing you out.  I wear a thick skin when it comes to distraction. I know my mission and will always stick to it. This is easy for me since I already threw away the key to mediocre years away. No other way but moving forward.

Self worth

Some are still living in the past. Some even think they will never make it in life since they are in the minority and their self esteem is taken away by the majority. One can still be proud of self but still living in the era of minimal achievements. Some think of population control and control by the rich and government and never to try to achieve greatness of their own. The bare achievements is what they need to do to survive. Many are doing it, and so do [them]. Any mission or goals beyond the minimal is taken away or put on notice until their situation improves…maybe never. Can’t say that I’m proud, but I can say that I have the same mindset we were born to have for greatness and this I refuse to neglect or to have taken from me.

A blessing or curse

Procrastinating can be a curse to many. Why? Putting things off is not a good trait since you may never ever get back to doing it. In business, some will say, let me get to school, let me get the money first or get help from a bank and waste previous time in doing anything if things go astray. Breaking your momentum (dreams) without fast action, not physically alert, distraction and your own self worth can add to the mix and yielding you nothing.

My mission

I manage procrastination in two words. Action first.

It may take you years to master this, [this took me some time to master this as well]. I know my self- worth. Can I afford to take a few days off doing nothing? Yes I can. Can I travel and sleep all day and still make the bare minimum? Yes I can. Can I work hard one day and not so hard the next? Yes I can. Without procrastination, I wouldn’t know how to take it easy sometimes. My tip: build your mission in life. Build it strong and deep. Build armours for protection. Change your mindset. Do the total opposite to what everyone else is doing. Know your self worth. Be proud but not showing cockiness. Build quickly. Another factor is not to listen too much what others are saying if it is not to make what you’re doing much better or a better replacement for what you are doing. In a nutshell. Never procrastinate if you dream or think of ways to improve your life. You dream it. Just do it quickly. If not, you may end up as most are today just surviving, chasing the money around and be comfortable with just the bare minimum.

Here’s to your greatness 🤠



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