“Bored” of Directors

Hello again everyone,

Welcome to another week. Today’s blog is actually a continuation of my previous blog, Procrastinating 101…See below…… https://ap24hours.online/2021/12/10/procrastinating-101/ . Today I will show you ways I continue to thrive online without getting “overheated” and explode or implode so to speak. Be advised, all my blogging here past and future is all a continuation of my life past and future as well. If you look back on my blogs, all are somehow boring and some are a little weird and some do have hope while some do not. Blogging here is easy since all is based on myself. This is my life folks. Check out some other articles on my other site as well @http://www.ap24hoursonline.blogspot.com

Let me congratulate myself to earning Platinum and Diamond statuses a few months ago on two sites and Silver and Gold respectively on two others. Where’s Titanium? Yes, I’ve been busy. Not working too hard but smart when necessary. In other words, I’m still out there grinding it out.

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“No fun in that”

Since whatever I’m doing online is not glamour, it is somehow boring at times. It is easy to just give up. I’ve seen folks just wrapping it in especially if they believe that they are not making any or enough money. And surely enough, you don’t make money daily or even weekly if you are not careful. They ones who survive here are the ones who hang in there at all cost. Not easy to do. Doing the things over and over again and expecting different results is madness. Madness, even doing the things I do online. This madness becomes a challenge to do better each and every time with experience. But wait..can you topped madness? Getting greater …madness?.. Oh boy!!

Doing things better

I’m made many milestones here working from home and from my mobile devices. From using apps for investing, banking and being one of the bellwethers in cryptocurrency investing when all these weren’t popular in the mainstream can take it’s toll. How do I keep going? How do I not run out of steam? Get bored and quit? Quitting is out the question. I roll with the times. The challenge is doing things better.

Be on the Board of Directors not the “Bored of Directors”

Choose wisely. Here are ways I combat boredom being online for so long.

1. Make it a game

I compete at times and even reward myself for receiving goals. Just like a dog who will do tricks for treats. I do more since I love the goodies I get for doing good… “Good dog!”

2. Multitasking
The most boring task and the ones I hate are probably the ones that makes the most money. So I multitask. I do the task I love coupled with the ones I hate. This works very well. Now the task I hate isn’t even on my mind anymore. “What a way to trick the mind!”

3. Entertainment

Music is life. Listening to music put me in the mood to do anything. I have a music app that I can make money from just from listening to it. I will do more since I know I will get paid more for listening to music while I work. A win-win. I listen to my favorite stations and get paid doing the things I love or hate to do online. No… A win-win-win.

4. Working out

I walk a lot. Since I may choose pathways or walkways with no vehiclar traffic, I can walk and work from my phone at the same time. Surfing sites are great, even the ads and video sites will do just fine. I walk. I play. I surf. The more I’m out walking is the more I’m out there surfing or video/ad watching. I get paid for all I do. Even walking.

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Those are some of the steps I take that gives me great results here working online. These won’t work all the time if I’m having a busier day than normal, I’m feeling “under the weather”, just not in the mood or just decided to take it easy for the day. As for everyone else, results may vary. As long as you have a great work ethics, the possibilities are endless. This is your business. This is your life. Best of all. Have fun.

Thanks for reading.



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