Surfing, USA

Hi there.

I hope everyone’s week was productive. Mine was. I travelled locally last week and happened to made a few milestones working online.

🎶If everyone had an ocean across the U.S.A. Then everybody’d be surfing like Californi-a. You’d see them wearing their baggies huarache sandals too. Bushy bushy blond hairdo. Surfing, U.S.A.🎶

Today I’m going to talk about surfing. Well, it’s not about on a board in the ocean, it’s even not about surfing the web. I’m talking about TE’s. Traffic Exchanges.

The benefits

Traffic Exchanges are sites you use for advertising and promotions. These sites can be used to advertise your websites (your personal sites or others). The benefits: You can drive traffic easily to your promotional materials without hassel. There are options to upgrade for a cost or use the free version. The benefits of the paid version is that you don’t have to physically surf on site, you are automatically assigned views on your site.

TE’s can be fun to be on. There are competitions you can participate in where you can win cash or other bonuses. The more you surf is the more you can win in some cases. You can even join up to groups which can give you group bonuses for your participation in group surfing. Winning a one on one surf competition can give you extra bonuses as well.

Need cash? How about earning commission. Yes. You can earn commission for promoting these TE sites. You can promote on Social Media, your own website/blog site or other TE sites as well.

Top surfers can also receive incentives. The more you surf, the better. Be the top or in the top few categories can give you extra incentives for your efforts.

Affiliation is a great tool to use. There are banner ads of various sizes and splash pages to use to advertise advertise these site. Some splash pages were even made to tweet. Top promoters can even get incentives as well.

There are monthly and daily promotions you can participate in. These promotions are geared to give you incentives for your participation.

How this works

Surfing is easy to do. First of all, the ratios differs in TE’s. What this means is, each time you surf, you will get back credits(views) to your assign sites. A win-win. The more you surf, the merrier. Here’s the fun part, along your surfing, you will get opportunities to pick up extra incentives along the way…it can be playing a game, pick up tokens/relics, etc along the way. As I mentioned earlier, when you upgrade your account, views are automatically assigned to your assigned sites. Surfing at this time is not necessary. This is great for people who don’t have the time to surf.

You can pay a lot for your advertising projects or use Traffic Exchanges. Even the paid version of TE’s are much less cheaper than the conventional models. The free version also has it’s benefits as well.

This may not be for you. It took me years to finally use these methods. I’m aways involved with TE’s but I didn’t know much about them. I wasn’t researching or even interested in using these methods…until now.

Below are the top ten TE’s I use on a daily basics.

I hope this helps.

Have a Merry Christmas!!!

See you next year post.



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