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Welcome to another week my friends. As usual time just flew by. I hope everyone had a jolly good Christmas and now looking forward to the New Year.

I had fun blogging the last time on surfing. I need to “surf” you up some more. I will hit on some of the benefits I missed on the last blog and share a few more sites to share at the end. That’s it.

As you know, surf sites are sites that intend to bring traffic to your sites, earn commission to you, etc, just for checking out(surfing) other sites.

The Benefits

In addition to views to your sites, TE’s can be helpful in putting your sites on major search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) is needed if you need to build a successful website. There are the paid services you can use on some TE’s to render this service.

Email marketing is a powerful tool to use to get your opportunity to the masses. Traffic Exchanges can also help in building your list and sending emails to your clients and prospects. You can send out specific amount of emails daily. Use TE’s for all your email marketing needs.

There are Traffic Exchanges specifically made for blogging sites as well. You can read other’s blog while getting yours shown in return(views). This ratio varies from 1:1 or it’s equivalent.

Another benefit is it’s promotional tools. You can promote these sites on other sites as well as your own to garner traffic or to earn income as commission. This is a great way to earn income while getting the traffic to your sites as well.

Traffic Exchanges are a one stop shop for all your advertising needs. It’s much cheaper than the conventional way to market your goods and services. Even the paid version can save you tons of money in the end. It can be fun yet powerful. It’s so easy to use with a wide range of options for you to choose. The more you use TE’s- getting to know all that is has to offer, will get you the best results possible.

Hope this helps.

Happy New Year 🎊🎉🎆🎇


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