The Movie Theatre Experience

My week has been very productive. How was yours? I found new ways to make money online. Found a few gaming apps I belive will pay lum sum of money. We will see. I shared some apps to try on my last blog on You can check it out when you get the chance. I am grateful to visit Atlantic City since visited last almost two years in light at the beginning of the Pandemic. The hotels were closed back then. My hotel reservation was canceled by the establishment and I wasn’t aware until I showed up to see them closed and later calling them to find out the reason for the room cancelation. So now things seem to be slowly getting back to normal as I can see.

So Broadway Theater is back in our area!! I kept seeing those long lines and waybills tossed in the streets. Late night lovers scrambling off to their home or wherever they will be going this late after the show.  I believe Broadway shows suffered the most during the beginning of the pandemic with no sign of recouping their loss. The City went dark. Now it’s back. The City is slowly buzzing again.

I still don’t believe that here in NYC being vaccinated for some is still a major issue. Even with some city employees who refuses to get vaccinated. Officials are giving deadlines and timelines for those not yet or refuse to be vaccinated. To each to his own ways and thinking, but, if some still believe this is government control…all about conspiracy theories. What about giving out stimulus money? What about giving incentives to those to be vaccinated? No one is complaining about the so called “free money” to stimulate the economy. If talking conspiracy, let’s consider full conspiracy theory not partial. I believe that the faster the vaccination issues are resolved it’s the faster we can get back to some sort of normalcy. Here we are now and taking baby steps in getting there.

The movie scene

I love a good movie. I haven’t been to a Broadway/Off Broadway show in such a long time. My thing for now is the movie theatre. My favorite genre to date is the comic book heroes. Marvel and DC Comics has done a fine job in putting comic book heroes/villain to theatre. Call me a kid at heart. I’ve collected comic books when I was young. I had box loads of comic books until a flooded basement took that all away. Great to see these characters come to life in a cinematic point of view.

You might be wondering? These shows can be seen at home. There is Disney+ and others vying for home viewing. Why theatre? Here’s why. There are certain movies that’s best to be seen on the big screen. I love the action sequences. Wide screens/split screens and 3D versions of it. Unless I have a great home theatre set up in my home to get these, which I do not. So, it’s the movie theatre for me. You are again wondering? Movie theater is expensive comparing to home based movies. It probably is..but you pay for the added perks attached to the experience of going out to the movie theatre.

I agree with having home based movie setups.  I got rid of cable/satellite many years ago and never looked back. I believe having sources to watch a movie at home minus the high costs can save you a tons of money in the end.

I posted earlier in previous blogs on the reopening of the movie theatres in my area. First, the wearing of masks and social distancing. Well, you get used to it over time. Now, it’s showing proof of vaccination. I am happier showing proof of vaccination over social distancing. “The proof is in the pudding” as the saying goes. Stay safe everyone!!

Another aspect that drew me more to the movie theatre experience is the loyalty program. I was loyal to this movement before the pandemic and reinstated as of late. I can see any movie in any part of the US, in any format and multiple times each day. I can even get to see free screenings as well. If you know me well, you will know that I’m big on loyalty programs. Read the plan before you join in your area to see if this is right for you. Just to mention, I’m also a new investor in theatres. Great to take part in ownership in something I love to do. Be aware. This is not a recommendation to invest in this sector. Do your own research before investing.

I’m looking forward to the next lineup of films coming soon. It doesn’t have to be comic book super hero or villain films. There are quite a few that I like as well.

Bring on Mystery/Suspense..Drama..SciFi.. You name it I will probably see it. I have the time and the means to. I love me some movie theatre experience.

Have a great weekend everyone. And again, Stay safe ❤️



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