Free Time vs Spare Time

Just need to clear the air with this “I don’t have time” scenario. Let’s start with 24 hours. We all have that in a day. Most use 8 hours of those 24hours for work- 8 hours for sleep and the other 8 for whatever use. With all that out the way, 24hours are pretty much locked in. People are busy. The ones who manages their time wisely will definitely get the most out their 24 hours.


Free time

In my opinion, free time means you do not have anything to do during this time. That is rare. Off days from work, most people take care of family/personal issues which includes the weekends and holidays. Since 5 day workdays can really put a damper on your personal/family time and free time is not part of most daily schedule. A poll was taken and about 70% of people interviewed say that they rather work from home than go back full time to the office. Well, they are giving up 8 hours a day plus commuting back into their bag of collected time. Free time here? I still don’t trust that free time will come here since family and person time will have to suffice for extra coverage. The bigger the needs, the most of that time is needed.

The same goes for weekends and holidays and vacation travelling. Sometimes it is better to stay working since most gets really busy around this time. Having fun can use up lots of time and put your body in a tail spin to try to catch up on some needed rest. There is no free time for you if you are tired and needed some sleep. So in my assessment, free time is very rare to come by.

Spare time

This will be more appropriate to ask if you have spare time over free time. You may have your own ideas when it comes to spare time since free time is sort of similar to spare time but with a twist. Most do have time to spare. Let’s break it down to how. Waiting in line or just waiting is always time to spare. At the bank, movie theater, (I wait a lot here), for the train/bus, stores and supermarket, (fast food)restaurant..I did write on my previous post on why people will wait in long lines at restaurants. These wait time is well, your spare time. What about your lunch breaks at work? These are also breaks within your busy time. Some are one hour or more. This is spare time.

I’m busy, even though I have more days off from the job. I don’t seem to have free time since my days are planned accordingly. I do have a lot of spare time. Well, the waiting in line for something is one, the breaks from the job is another.


The ones who mange their time wisely are the ones who will have more time to spare. I invest in many devices to get my work done. You can also say that these tools are helping to manage my time. Playing catching up on my spare time is the worst thing to happen to my time line. This spare time is no longer spare time if it’s used to help to finish up a job that I procrastinated on. Multitasking is for my usual time line to free up my time for some spare time.

Here are the end results for most who has some spare time. Talking on the phone, surfing the web  and playing games on their mobile phones. This is your spare time, well, if you’re not in procrastinating mode.

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Free time vs spare time?

Personally, I would care less about free time. Since I’m not bound to time constraint projects, personal or on the job. I choose how I work online. I set my schedule accordingly. Even my blogging is scheduled accordingly. I find it very hard to procrastinate these days. I may have off days(tired/moody) at times where I would do less, and they are days that I do more. Spare time is the same as well. This is more to pass the time with being productive as well. In other words, spare time nor free time has no bearings on my day to day.

I can say the above since I respect time. If I ever learned anything else over the years, I pride myself with learning to manage my 24hour days. It’s as simple as setting daily/monthly/yearly goals. How will you know how much time you’ve been wasting? Or using? When there are no record to prove this? You will never get back time.

Have a great day and weekend everyone



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