We all do this from time to time. Promote something. You may also say, yes. Sell. I used to say that I hated selling, some still say they don’t sell. But as I said, we all do this in some form or another. I believe we sell ourselves on a job interview. We love that word of mouth to promote for free.. things we purchase, services we get, films we see. “Have you seen the show ____?”. “No”, I said. “It was good. You must watch it”. I get these invites for streaming shows, movies in the theater and regular television shows. We promote!promote!promote! to everyone. But yet, some say they don’t sell. Nonsense!

Email marketing remains the highest paying tactic for affiliate marketing, given that…

…there are 4 billion daily email users and not just that…

…email generates $42 for every $1 spent, which is an outrageous 4,200% ROI.

The beginning

From the beginning of my days in MLM businesses, I wish that there were loopholes into selling. I hated selling anything. I used to get real nervous and thinking that no one will be interested in what I was selling. Since I had no other choice but to promote my items, I learned to overcome my fears and sell anyway. Bear in mind, there are no other loophole in selling in any businesses. You have to sell or get out of business immediately. How in the world will people know what you’re offering? I will tell you how I overcame my fear of selling later in this blog.

I had some fun and made some friends just selling randomly to people I meet on the street. Cold calling didn’t work too well since I had no idea who I was speaking to and likely it was not recommended.

Selling to family, friends, co-workers and associates gave me the confident to branch out into randomly connected to other people.

My first breakthrough was the opportunity to start my first web pages and toll free number.

In the beginning it was a challenge since I had no experience selling anything. I was chartering in the unknown…in a world to compete with others in selling the same things to difference people. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. In this case, Sell, Sell, Sell.

I managed to overcome the fear of selling by having faith in the product and opportunity that I was offering. Usage of my products gave me the confident to sell more and to promote, promote, promote.

Patience played a great part as well in my earlier days of selling. I learned and accept that not everyone will be so happy to accept what I had to offer, and, I had to learn to overcome the fear of rejection. Even though rejection was always expected, I was still putting in the work each day to get my products and services to the mainstream.


Whether it’s by email, social media or by any other affiliation, promoting/selling has evolved over the years. Now you can promote your products/services with the click of a button to many people worldwide, thanks to the internet. No more cold calling, no more door to door selling. I even limit my time meeting random people on the street. To this day, I still use old school techniques like handing out business/contact cards when necessary to promote my opportunity.

Still learning new techniques to promote. I discover that promoting can be more exciting when I become more creative. Creative or not, I still need to.. Promote! Promote! Promote! Or get the heck out!!

Thanks for reading.

Enjoy your weekend everyone

~AP Whitely



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