“Fool” for thoughts

Hello everyone. It’s been a very productive week after my previous post. Managed to go through my emails, updated my Facebook pages, Groups and blog sites which took some time but I made this possible. Played a few games this week, for cash of course…Took a few surveys as well…two of my not too liked activities online, but it was good. How was your week? I hope it was productive as well.

In the news: “Nigeria becomes the first African nation to roll out digital currency called eNaira. The central bank rolled the eNaira as a counterpart since outlawing cryptocurrency, stating that cryptocurrency posed a threat to their financial system”. I still have to congratulate Nigeria for change. Cryptocurrency is creating a scare to financial markets for many reasons. One is unable to fully control it. Nuff said.

Have you seen the Twizzlers commercial. Folks snacking on Twizzlers thinking weird thoughts. You have a Twizzlers and your mind gets relaxed to thinking about weird and trivial thoughts. This send a message, no, not for chewing on Twizzlers, but in general, when your mind is relaxed, you are not stressed or uptight, your mind is open to thinking about wonderful,  yet in this commercial, trivial thoughts. Honorable mention to the commercial where the guy showing his big house, his nice car, his golf club membership, etc, how does he do it? “I’m in debt up to my eyeballs”, he says. This is a Lending Tree commercial. This is funny, but the message. He has the vehicle to take care of his debt. He is living his life unscathed.

What is your vehicle to drive you from point A to B to make you relax and worry free?  What is your comfort food to sit and eat and to relax your mind? What are your thoughts? Are you angry? Stressed? Calm? Forgiven?

I have a few thoughts that has been on my mind for a long time. For the first time, let me go public with it. By the way, this is not to demean or to belittle anyone. Just my wandering mind… wandering…..Below are some of my random thoughts…..

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Why do people wait in long lines for food at a restaurant?

My thoughts: Maybe they are not that hungry? The food is the best? No other choice? A glutton for torture? 5 star ratings? Everyone eats here? No apparent reason? Since I refuse to wait in long lines even for fast food(fast food should be fast, right?) I just wonder why people do it. When I worked on a job in the day time,usually there is an hour for lunch. Hard to use most of that time waiting in line, to get served then stuff that food down my throat as fast as I can to get back to work. Dinner time is the same. If I had to wait in long line for food at a restaurant, I would rather go home and prepare the food myself.( By the way, I’m a good cook)

Why are some people so quick to correct you?

Let me be brief here. I’ve worked with or met others who are quick to correct your grammar or never in agreement with you. It’s their way or the highway. I speak to many people…let my mind wander, which is not nice…but I do this when the conversation is really getting away from us and become like empty talk to past the time. I rather pass the time alone. Thank you.

Why prove to everyone that you are so happy?

People sings in public aloud. Play their music loud. Take (religion) to another level(so Godly and you’re not). Preach not to save but to criticize. Use family as the best there is and nothing else, etc. I can go on forever with this topic. Most don’t care about your happiness, especially if they have no reason to be happy or to wish you more happiness to come. Mental illness is not a joke as well since some maybe suffering from mental breakdown. Being drunk or high on drugs can lead people to the level of “so called happiness”, deceiving anyone. My happy is internal. When you believe in God in private, do what you love to do in private, love yourself and others..your inner happiness will be spread to others, publicly. By the way, loud music playing on city streets is a disrespect to other citizens. I keep it private. I just use headsets.

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“Weed” out at last?

Since marijuana has been legalized in our city, every person, young and old been smoking everywhere. Sadly even around non smokers like children and anyone else who doesn’t smoke. Who cares? Smoking in public places like parks are illegal until caught. There are weed like products like candies and cookies so plentiful to get your high. I have lots of free time to see who are smoking and young and old alike fits the bill. If I see a gathering of young adults, the possibility becomes high no matter the race and depending on the area. My take: We have cigarettes and cigar, even e cigarettes in circulation, why add more toxic to our city especially when crime is still at an all time time. Not to mention drugs and alcohol. I refuse to smoke nor drink(alcohol). If coffee and tea and soda pop are under drug catagory then call me out. I’m high on life you can say, but not on the air full of “smokes”- Second hand smoke.

Give to me or go to hell

Begging for money or food is an option. So is giving to you. No one should be threatened to give in the name of the beggar’s biblical knowledge of giving. I see deception here. Some show signs. Some will quote scriptures. Some will keep children and pets around to arouse more sympathy, and people get caught up into it. The last time I checked, you cannot get into Heaven by just being “nice” or giving to the poor. Then everyone will “buy” their way in. Being deceptive is not written?

I have more thoughts I need to share but that will be for another post…. So, according to my traits, I’m a bit analytical in nature but I can also use my creative side to put things in perspective. I analyze my thoughts, I can now put it together in writing. How you think, how you react to your thinking is what makes you unique from each other. It may take a while to find out who you are and what you are capable of doing. A wandering mind is good. You can see what others are doing or saying and using that to your advantage. It can allow you to become more creative in your thoughts and to set your mind at ease as I do. Time is essential. This is your “me” time. As in the Twizzlers and The Lending Tree. Com commercials, foolish but funny indeed. A “thought provoking” experience.

Thanks for reading

Have a great weekend everyone.

~AP Whitely

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