South of the Border

If you are reading this post, then it must be Friday. Happy Friday!! I Hope your week thus far was good and productive.

Today I’m sharing some photographs and thoughts of my trip Down South(the Southern US Cities and States). Please note: I’m not a vlogger nor a photographer. Some of these photographs may be taken quickly and while in motion. Hope you can join me in putting these Southern States on the map.

Downtown New Orleans

First and foremost, I hope you had the chance to read my other trips and places in the past. Honorable mention to The Phillipines, my trips Out West and my New Jersey highlights. I hope this is an encouragement to get you to visit these places as well. Come on and get going.

New Orleans

I love to travel. Whether by plane, train or automobile, getting to new locations or getting to places I’ve already been, is a thrill for me. I am able to meet new people, see how these people live, see how they thrive brings wonder and amusement. It can also prove to show how some humans take things for granted while others do not. I am now thrill that I can write about these adventures not on just ready made social medias which limit your output but by unlimited space on my blogging website(s). I am so thanking that I can utilize all sources available.

Atlanta, Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia

So my road trip took me through the deep South. States like Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. Except for Georgia, this is the first time visiting these States. The Southern drawl liking these natives were real to life. Didn’t have the time to relish in some Southern delish but the Southern charm I received made up nicely for it. Time travelled was not too bad in comparison to my trip through the Mid-West which was a little over a day one way{Southern trip} over three days one way{Mid-West}. The trip went fine inspite of the massive delay and the rescheduling of the travel hours, made this trip interesting to begin with. The main thing is that the trip was a success and a safe one indeed.

Atlanta Rail System

So my challenge is to visit all fifty(50) States. I do not need to stay there but to set foot on them. So far I am doing well with a little over half done. I am looking forward to my next road trip even though I don’t know when or where I will be heading. Then again, I could be travelling by train or plane. Nevertheless, see you on my next journey.

Have a great weekend.

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