Mental [un]Wellness

“The devil made me do it” “I heard voices in my head” are some of the excuses you may hear coming from mouths of alleged perpetrators charged with a crime. This is in their defense of not accepting the responsibility of their crimes. This may be the narrative from the movies or television but people suffering from mental health issues are real. What I’m about to write from this point on is of my opinion only. Be free to comment at the end if you agree or disagree with any of my contents.

Mental illness

Unfortunately, mental illness is rampart in our society. On the streets, in our neighborhood, in our workplace and in our households. My former sublet landlord’s son killed his sister. Thank God I had moved from that household years before that happened. He smoked and abused drugs that led to his behavior. I was aware that he was prone to violence but unaware that it would have come to this.

Anger and disloyal behavior in the workplace…abuse of power, sexual or “power tripping” to add to mental disorder in our society.

Some Factors

Ever heard the term, “chip on your shoulder”. This is in regards to folks who are uptight about the past occurrence(s) in their lives and lashing out at others at will. This is understandable. Suffering from traumatic experiences can trigger these behavior in others. Sometimes, remembering the traumatic past in our lives can trigger these defensive blockages that can affect the good people around us. Relationships can be hard to maintain since some people refuse to let go of the past.

It’s plain to see that some people with mental issues are roaming society dressed as normal folks waiting to come unglued.

During one of my road trips, I encounter folks who were released from the prison system and are so willing to express their experiences to others. I sensed this as weird, especially those who seemed to be bragging about their experiences. I believe that the prison system created monsters in our midst. So the prison systems, mental institutions, the media and other cultures help to create these mental disorder that rages rampart on our society. The abuse of drugs and alcohol does add to this pandemic. As in the media, sex, lies and violence are not helping us either.

Let’s talk about the mental institutions. Have you noticed in your urban communities where homeless deranged individuals plague the cities. It is not to put down these folks, some are really suffering from mental illnesess which can be dangerous to the public. Shelters, hospitals, mental institutions and our law officers seem to ignore these individuals as free to do as they please. Well, until it’s too late, then they spring into action as if been surprised that these situations occur. The COVID-19 pandemic allow the ebb and flow of these mentally challenged individuals from all these institutions to be placed in our streets. This is a pandemic in itself. Just like the inability to control drugs, gun and alcohol, these individuals are added to this dilemma. Many thanks in part to “this system” of Government of free will.

Some thoughts

I believe the mental issues in our society is getting way out of control. The availability of alcohol and drugs mixed in with prescription medication and those who refused to take their medication add to this dilemma. If I had the choice, I would remove liquor stores and other stores that sells (smokes) from the poor neighborhoods. Selling to a minor or anyone who is mentally impared will do more harm than good. Selling to the poor, waste their time and money. It’s crazy to say this, but, some believe in their minds that they are beyond help and continue to live this way of life.

Talking to one’s self out loud is not limited to old folks anymore. It may be your young neighbor or stranger in your neighborhoods. Loud music playing in the subways and streets are no longer limited to street entertainers anymore. The homeless may take away your access to your sidewalks and streets with no care. The smell of fumes is no longer limited to car exhaust or faulty chimneys or ventilation. It may be your neighbor “puffing it up”

Not everyone who are suffering from mental health issues are bad or not manage to live through this with proper diet and good mental routine. Some are beyond or refuse to get help. This illness can be medical or self inflicted and to be taken seriously.

Our mental health institutions are currently in limbo. Our health care systems are expensive with medications to make pharmaceutical companies and their owners very rich and patients additive. Our court systems are filled with perpetrators who are quick to seek the insanity defense since “the devil or other factors allegedly made them do the crime”

Sorry to say that the devil has other issues on hand than to purposely single one out to do his evil deeds. You did it all by yourself. Get help.

Any comments. Please let me know.

Thanks for reading.


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