Making money online

I get a lot of skepticism over the years about making money online. Some even talk about making pennies and thought it as a waste of time. Some still don’t believe that making money online is possible. All is true if you think it is so. Such is life. There are the rich and the poor. The haves and the have-nots. The achievers and the underachievers. Here is something I experienced over the years. Not all people will be successful in everything they do. Some will be great, some average and some losers. Here is another. Not all people have a plan on how much money they intend to make over the course of their years and not all plan on their retirement at a younger age but wait until they are old and gray if ever.

So. Is it possible to make lots of money online… Yes….Is it possible to make some money online…. Yes…Is it possible to make only pennies online… Yes...Is it possible to make no money online…Yes it is possible..if you do nothing….Simple as that.

Before I start on different ways to make money online, first, ask your yourself if you need to make enough money to supplement your income, just enough for extra spendings or enough to retire early from your regular job or start your own business. This is the third in a series of money making opportunities. Let’s get started.

Working online

There are many ways to make money online. I’m going to share some ways with a brief description attached. Pick the method(s) most suitable for you.

It is possible to make money from doing all the activities that you normally do for free using your mobile or computer devices. Some you may do by sleeping. Yes. Sleeping(we will get to that later). You can get paid for sleeping as much as sleeping while making money. This is called residual or passive income. This is income where you can make money without the need of your time. One form of residual income is affiliated marketing. This is the multi-level marketing of goods or services. This is a marketing business where you can start full or part time without having your own goods or services. Where you can choose your hours and how much money you wish to make. You are entirely in control of your future here if done correctly. It is possible to build massive amount of income over and over again by setting up your business only once.

Investing in stocks/bonds/ETFs/cryptocurrencies/mutual funds etc is another way to build a nice nest egg. This is not considered residual or passive income, but you can build wealth over time by the volatility of the market, getting dividends and constant investing. You don’t have to be an experienced investor to make money. It is good to know how the markets work and that it is possible to lose money during your investing tenure. Once you aim for long term and choosing the right investments, you may be on your way for some retirement income.

But you say that you have no money. Well, you need money to invest and to start a business, right. Here are some suggestions.

Applications on your mobile devices make it easier for you to access money making opportunities on the go. Let’s tap into some methods to start putting some free money to work.

  • Shop> I call this “anyway money” since you shop to eat and to survive anyway. To pull this off, shop through a third party. Join loyalty programs and link your credit and debit cards and get cash back. There are many shopping apps that you can access from your app store. Join in as many as you deemed possible. Add extra money to your pockets. Place your cash into an account separate from your actual account and put your savings to work.
  • Surveys>Take surveys on your devices and make extra cash. Surveys can vary in time and payments. Take as many surveys by signing up to as many platforms as possible. This is a time consumed endeavor, but as you get free time, why not make some extra cash. Be mindful that payments may vary from gift cards to actual cash. Pick the payments that is right for you. Here is a little trick: You can opt to get gift cards to use to shop at your favorite stores with your loyalty programs as well and to get cash back.
  • Play Games> Why not have some fun and put some free money in your pockets. Choose your favorite games and access these same games through a third party application. They will pay you for the same games you play every day for free. This is a no brainer.
  • Listen to music & Watch Videos> Listen to music and watch videos and get paid for your actions. The greatest thing about doing this is that you can continue to do all the above activities and never miss a beat from your favorite music or video.
  • Exercise>Stay fit and make money. Oh yes, developers will pay you for working out by using their applications. Even to monitor your sleeping(remember in my opening statement). Take advantage of these opportunities to make money while staying healthy.
  • Surf the web>Surf by using surf apps that pays including Bing and Crypto Tab. Listen, making money online is a no brainer. It’s just getting out of your habitual routine that makes you nothing that make millions for developers; it’s simple as making some changes for good to make you extra money.

Of course you may find more conventional ways to make some money. There is no wrong or right…but if you’re looking for financial or time freedom, making passive income and investing your money should be on top of your list. Do as I do and not as I say. You too can make money in your sleep or while sleeping ….zzzzzzz$$$$…….


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