The Magic of the Internet

If you didn’t already noticed, I had no post last week. The reason is that, I was not happy with what I was posting. And further more, I had a writer’s block after that. It’s great that I don’t have to make up for last week since I already have enough contents available for access.

This is what happened since I didn’t post last week. I still managed to get lots of visits to my websites and other programs I was promoting, even more than ever. Thanks to the magic of the internet.

I remember my humble beginnings on my way to financial freedom. The internet was not as popular as it is today. I never had to go door to door or place cold calls, but, placing flyers and giving out business cards was the norm. Recruiting friends and family and the direct contacts with associates and people I used to meet on the streets. Coworkers and clients who were in close contact to me were also likely prospects.

I remember my first website, my personal toll free number and telephone assistant. At that moment, I felt on top of the world. I was then a member of the digital age moving forward.

Going back further in time, I even remember my first mobile phone. It was clunky and had prepaid service. But it was my own.

That was then. A lot has happened since. The internet has gotten a lot faster. The devices smaller and more affordable.

There are downsides to the internet as well, which could take the magic out of it depending on your reason for using it. I’ve heard many who decided not to grace their presence on social media for starters. The term for that is “staying off the grid”. If so, I agree. You should keep off. If you’re in hiding and don’t want to be found, I agree, stay off. If you are always getting upset with what others are posting, again, I agree, stay off. There are no benefits given to you being here on social media for the wrong reasons.

Social media was my go-to source for some time. I used to just post and read others’ posts as well. Then I noticed that they are billions here. To me, it was like a fad. I have a rule. If so many people are on social media, then it couldn’t be a good thing. Then I learned over the years to use social media to my advantage. With so many people here, then I may be able to get my message around the globe without wasting precious time.

We’ve come a long way from being stationary to having the internet in the palm of our hands. Going door to door to spanning the globe in minutes. We can talk and text/search the web all at once. We can do all things online that were not possible years ago.

To this day, I still stuck to my “old school ways.” I still carry business cards in my wallet. I still talk about my presence online and what I do. That coupled with the use of the internet, which is magical. This is the magic of the internet.


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