Time & Money

Hello, Hello. You guessed it. It’s Friday and it’s blogging time! I hope everyone here had a great week and a Happy Valentine’s Day.


I’ve been blogging a lot over these short years of being frugal(watch your spendings) and the education on money. Once you read this(my views only) you can develop your own opinions on what to do with what I’m about to blog about. Let me start by putting out my opening and openly opinions on what I’m about to blog about…MONEY.

I don’t love it. I don’t worship it. I don’t talk too much about it, openly. I feel weird discussing my job salary over the years and I still do to this day. This is not important to me. I don’t chase it around like others do. I don’t pretend that I have a lot of it, in the bank, investments or in my pockets. I don’t state how much I make online either, from blogging, surveys, investments, offers or otherwise. Money is only a bartering agreement. I give you money. You give me the goods or services.

Money is not the root of all evil. The love of it is. Don’t be fooled.

Now that we got the money issues straightened out. Let’s talk about…TIME.

I cherish it. I don’t waste it. It is very important to me. You never get it back. It doesn’t wait for anyone.

Time is money is false. Time and money are separate entities. Time=money is designed for the job market or wherever you trade your time for money. Don’t be fooled.


So which is more important? A lot of people don’t prefer time over money. Money seems to be in charge or put in front of time while in most cases, both are wasted. Wasted as in the equation that TIME=MONEY. You waste one, you waste the other which is absolutely false.

Here is how time and money work together in my space. Let me ask this question that I have been asked or been asking for some time. If time and money was not an issue, what would you do. Where would you go. What life changing event would occur in your life? Don’t you think that having time and money equally is much better than having one or the other? I believe so. I can tell you this, lots of people are making lots of money but find no time to enjoy it. What about the other folks who are so busy chasing it that limit their time to enjoy it. In the latter case. There maybe bills to pay, mouths to feed, way of life to maintain. In both cases though, I see a major imbalance in their life’s structure.

The perfect structure would be family, wealth, health and spiritual beliefs. Time would be essential to enjoy them all. You cannot waste time to get the balance needed to enjoy life to the fullest.

I do not worry about money. It’s not that I never did in the past. But it got me no where. When you understand what it is good for(in the good sense) and what it really is, then you will know how to get it without thinking about it too much. Money comes and goes. I remember as kids, we used to put markings on bills and put them in circulation to see if it would come back to us. I don’t remember any marked bills coming back to us, but, we thought that it would be possible for that to happen.

In order to get more time and money, first of all, you need to change the way you make your money. Think residual or passive income strategies. Passive income is making money without the complete attention of your time. The moment you decided to trade time for money, the moment you will be a slave to that system. This system is designed, let’s say, to make you the money at the expense of your time.

Thanks for reading

Enjoy your weekend.

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