The Chain of Events

Hello again everyone and Happy Friday.

Let me start by saying that the past is the past. The past defines the future. Whatever happened in our past life should either make us or break us. The decisions we make along the way will determine how well we fare in life.

Don’t understand why some people blame their circumstance on “the system” or on other people. We choose our friends and or acquaintances. No one force us to do so. “The system” is always there from the beginning. Either things went out of control during that downward spiral and nothing was done to stop the bleeding. Unfortunately, the chain of events that led you to this was not broken. You didn’t see the warning signs? Or did you totally ignore them and hoped for the best. It’s strange when humans encounter hard times after a wave of success, they hit rock bottom. Some may bounce back while others just give up to spiral deeper. This is my opinion on why this may happen either way. Your upbringing.

Sad to say that some may born in poverty while others were born with riches beyond human. Who will fare better during a meltdown. I will choose the one born in poverty. Even though not all will bounce back no matter the upbringing, I made my choice over someone whose been broke over the other.

I speak for myself although I was never born in poverty. I wasn’t born in wealth either. I don’t believe in the middle class, just the haves and the haves not. I also believe that wealth is a mindset and you are what you think about the most. I am defined by the chain of events that led me to what I am today.

I can still remember some of the people I met over the years. I used to regret even meeting some of them. They were good people but the others were rather challenging to me. During those times when I get angry and ask myself《what have I gotten myself into》《why did I make these bad choices》《why,why,why》When it was all over and the dust was clear, then I realized that without these challenges then, I wouldn’t have become what I am today. Even in circumstances where my spending was beyond my means. I questioned myself once more. Those chain of events are the link to my understanding and perseverance.

Ever been heartbroken. Trodden upon. Love and lost. Broke. Angry or unforgiven. The past is the past as I said earlier. Your past self has taken a beating. The feelings that I felt in the past was so devastating that, I will never wanted to feel that way again. That’s my thoughts. But this is what I cannot understand…..some people keep making the same old mistakes over and over again. It’s like the chain of events is stuck in a forever loop in their existence.

A chain of events is a number of actions and their effects that are contiguous and linked together that results in a particular outcome. In the physical sciences, chain reactions are a primary example.

The chain of events is the combination of occurrences in your life to make you the way you are today. If in the negative, find new ways to break that chain. In the positive, enjoy the journey.

In a nutshell. The past is the past. The past defines the future. Your present self is an end results from the chain of events leading to this. Break the chains if leading to downward spiral, enjoy the journey if all is great.

Enjoy your weekend

AP Whitely.


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