Crypto 🌎 World 2

Today I’m focusing on cryptocurrency. Hope you had the chance to read my first edition and I also hope you had a chance to check out some of my invites at the end.

Welcome to another Tuesday for blog. It’s blogging time again. I hope everyone’s week from by prior blog was productive and fun. Mine was but Summer in New York City where I reside is slowing coming to an end… unfortunately.

Investing in Cryptocurrency is just as easy as investing in stocks. There are more platforms available to choose from with little to no fee included. Choose the one that is available in your Country, State or Province since not all platforms are available due to regulatory issues. I am going to share some of the many ways that you can also get some free Cryptocurrency by doing tasks like Pay to click, watching videos or taking surveys. Sign up on the ones that fits your needs.

First and foremost, you need get a cryptocurrency address. This is the address you will need for to payments to be sent to. Getting and paying addresses may differ, so be careful in using the right ones for your transaction or you may lose your funds. This is a tedious process so be careful. Once your funds is gone, it’s gone forever. Once you generate your addresses, you can use these addresses to buy and sell or to send or receive cryptocurrency.


Coinbase is an online platform where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency in your area. Fees are minimal and the interface is easy to navigate. This platform is my main source for buying and selling Cryptocurrency of all sorts. See below my link to sign up to Coinbase.

Use the link below to be rewarded for downloading the application. You and I will be handsomely paid a bonus if you do so by following their instructions.


This platform has come a long way. They started out as a banking platform. You can now save money by investing in a savings account, buy cryptocurrency and many more. Be aware that when you join these platforms, your own unique cryptocurrency address will be automatically generated. Keep these addresses safe and secure and do not share with everyone. See below my special invitation to join PayPal.

Hey, we can both earn $10 when you join PayPal and spend $5. Use my link:

Use these platforms above for your regular buying and selling cryptocurrency. I highly recommend Coinbase based on the fact that you have a wider range of cryptocurrencies to choose from. Don’t forget to invest regularly. It will also take you a minimum of $5(five dollars) to start your investing.

Now that you have started your access to invest in cryptocurrency. Start your investing. The cryptocurrency address that you are automatically generated can now allow you to start sending and receiving cryptocurrency from other sources. Let me start by saying that you won’t generate a lot of coins in this case, but, over the long run and your consistence in using these platforms can make you addition coins to invest. The great thing is. These are free to join and the coins you make are fee free. No fees whatever. Be aware that there maybe payment thresholds for redemptions so be mindful of that before you attempt your withdrawals. Don’t forget to use my links which is optional but highly recommended. You and I may generate incentives to start.


This is a fun way to earn. You can do tasks, play games and spin hourly to earn cryptocurrency. The more you engage, the more you earn. The interface is user friendly. There are so much to do here, it’s intoxicated. Please see my special invitation below.

Hey! I’m using Cointiply to earn free Bitcoin every day, use this link to join and start earning:

Btc Clicks

This platform is basically a paid to click platform. All you do is click on advertisements, solve a few captchas and get paid. These advertisements are limited but refreshed each day so check back after completion each day or within the day for new advertisements.

You can play games and spin hourly to earn bitcoins.


Geomining is the new phase to get cryptocurrency. You can get paid in many ways using this platform. You can play games, shop and mine cryptocurrency on the go. The more you move about as in walking, running or travelling on the road, set it and let it do it’s thing. This is a fun way to get massive coins on a daily basis. See my special invitation below.

Definitely an app worth checking out. Lets you earn crypto!

These are all I have for you today. Sign up on one or all and don’t forget my links which I highly recommend. Happy crypto-ing!!!

To your success.



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