Money making opportunities

Hello Everyone. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. As I’m writing this…Happy Memorial Day, USA. I again hope everyone’s day was enjoyable. Welcome back Summer!!!

My wish today is to share some money making ideas that hopefully will add to your portfolio or to jump start you into starting something new this year. For further information, see my other site at


Let’s get some dividend. With cryptocurrency and stocks so readily available and all the applications at my fingertips, this the fastest way to make some extra cash. Although investing here is not a residual money strategy, I can make money easily by way of dividends reinvesting, the volatility and dollar cost averaging. Dollar cost averaging is investing at a specific time every time no matter how the price is at the time. You can get more stock in a dip and less stock in a rise but higher value in your portfolio. This is a win win. I can build with individual stocks ot ETFs or a combination of the two. Some platforms allow you to invest in cryptocurrency as well. This you can add to your portfolio.

Residual income

The above investing is fun and easy. Why not make extra money by doing absolutely nothing. I just set it and forget it. There are many applications to download to run in the background of your devices without using much data and interference to your daily device activity. Just sign up with your actual name and other valid information…and walla!! Income will becomes readily available to you. Another way to make residual income is to sign up with affiliated marketing companies. You can promote their products and services to earn extra income again and again. Do it right, you can live off the extra income with sign ups and sales and never have to work hard again.


Survey platforms can be a fast money maker if you have the time. Some surveys may run longer than others. Location based surveys on your devices can be quick and easy to do but may not be the highest paid. I love location based surveys because the money is very easy to make and most are guaranteed acceptance and payment. Please note that not all the longer based surveys are easy to get into. You may not get qualified. If you do, you can make good income from it. All this takes is your time, your patience and perseverance. Do as I do. With investing and residual income above as my sources of income. I can use my free time to do surveys. What have I got to lose. I am making money from the two nonetheless.


This is a fun way to make money online. Play games and make extra cash. Choose your favorite money making gaming platform. Download and sign up using your true information. Follow the rules of the games. Start playing. This is good way for me to pass the time in playing my favorite games. If done right, money can come so easy. This is a great way to add income to your portfolio by doing the thing that you love to do.


This is a no-brainer. This is an essential activity. It is not all about shopping, it is the way we shop. Using second and third party applications can aid you into making money from shopping for anything online and offline. I make this an habit to make extra cash from shopping. From food, clothing and all other goods and services, money can be made easily here as well. Build your portfolio by adding this activity.


I am quite motivated by being paid just to stay healthy. We are living in the times where exercise is mainly popular. Eating healthy is also a common trend. Why not get more motivated by getting paid. There are many applications to choose from. See which one is good for you and get your work on.


Like gaming, music and videos can add income to your portfolio. These applications when downloaded, can earn you extra income. I listen to music when I walk or do other errands throughout my day. These music applications can be residual in nature. You just play your favorite music in the background and many more and get on with your life.


Let me advise you that it is best to be truthful when signing up to these platforms. If name and the likes are not accurate, payments maybe delayed or cancelled. Be truthful when taking surveys and be consistent in your answers. The more surveys and according to your profile, surveys will come to you more readily. The truth will set you free. Freedom to financial wealth and more. Read all applications do(s) and dont(s) before starting to better your odds of winning.

These are some of the ways to make you extra income. Will add more in the near future. For now follow my blog at for offers and more.

To your success



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