Magical Moments

Hello Everyone

Welcome to another new week. Hope everyone’s week was great and highly productive.

Ever had the moments where the events in your life seem unforgettable? Or moments where you just wanted to forget? Will share here a few of my great moments. For the not so great? They still remain part of my journey… regardless.

🎶Memories don't live like people do, they always stay with you...🎶

My first job ever. It’s was in Brooklyn, New York. It was in a Party Rental store. It was hard work at times, nothing to do was decent pay for my youth for modest living expenses and accomodations and walking distance from home. It was a fun job nonetheless. I had no regrets working there at that time. These were good times amongst good people. Priceless.

College life was good. Met new people. Made new friends. The school curriculum was interesting yet educational. The work was hard at times but it was worth it. I found out my talent in solving complex equations. Crazy enough to learn real quickly with my own versions, easy enough to teach to others in need. A nerd in disguise I believe. Normal looking but a nerd by nature. After graduation, I received a promotion on the job here in New York. A few years after, took my knowledge to work in Jamaica, West Indies for two years. This is most memorable moments. Priceless.

🎶Do you remember the times..🎶

My association with affiliated programs were most memorable. First it was Nutralite which didn’t last long, Quixstar, formally Amway at that time lasted about five years. The reading of self help materials led me to this. I was looking for other opportunities apart from my job. I knew there was more to life than working a nine to five job. Unfortunately, this is not what I really wanted to do all my life. Since things didn’t go as plan after five years, I decided to go out on my own. I ranked my time here as time well spent. This drove me to fully understand the ways to financial independence with like-minded individuals. Priceless.


What stood out from my journey to independence is my association with an investing organization. I was always curious about investing in stocks and other commodities. I found my source and decided to sign up. Better Investing was my go to for knowledge and understand on how to invest. Really love learning to analyze stocks. This becomes fun, since in College I found out that I had a knack for complex equations. Numbers again became a part of my education. Investing to this day was realized from my association with this organization. This is truly Priceless indeed.

🎶Glory days well they'll pass you by Glory days...🎶

My first blog site was a great venture indeed. I get to tell my story. This was a learning venture as well for me since I never thought about blogging before or ever done it. Blogging came at a price. Never earned a penny. This lasted for a few years then I folded it up. Priceless indeed.

This is it folks. The biggest blunder, or should I say my first real business is worth mentioning. I started an Investment Club. You have seen this mentioned in my blog over the year. This was my first own venture into the world of the unknown. My group that I managed were all in the learning stages. This was a challenging venture that lasted for a few years then it was over. Not for me but for everyone else. I was left holding the bag. Be careful what you wish for. I wished. I received. All came with a price or should I say, Priceless.

I’m now still involved in marketing and promotions with blogging again as my main source. I’m still involved in affiliated ventures, investing and more. I am having fun now. The Covid-19 Pandemic had led me to be more open minded and lots of free time. Now I’m also enjoying more free time and reduced workload from the job I held for over seventeen years. I’m having a great personal life as well as Social Media association. Life is great. GOD is greater. All these are Priceless. Memories now and forever. These are my Magical Moments.

Thanks for reading.

All the best,




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