Money making opportunities pt2

Hello again my friends

Welcome to part two to sharing some money making opportunities to do at the comfort of your homes. For more.. visit my blog at for invites and other ways you can make money online.


Do you have a talent or hobby? Why not share with others and make money in the process. It is not easy to make top dollars here, but, you can still make a few dollars depending on your niche and your readership. Blogging can be fun and easy if you are not doing it alone for the money. Share your insights, the money will come later.

Pay to click

Pay to click (PTC) programs are one of the easier way to make money online. All you have to do is click on links, follow the rules including solving captcha(s) and generate some easy money on the side. Payments can be made in points, cash or cryptocurrency. The more you click is the more you make in some instances. There are other formats in this platform. There are pay to read, pay to watch plus other means as well.

Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges or TEs are easy ways to make income online. This is great for bloggers to get traffic to their sites, promote affiliated sites and make money. I used TEs over the years without knowing the impact it can have in driving like minded people to my programs. This is now my main source for traffic. There are many programs to choose from. I now signed up on multiple programs at once, multiplying my income.


There are platforms that pay you based on your location. You share your location and get paid. You need to turn on location detection on your devices to make this work. The platform picks up your location base and you need to state wherever you are. This also works on location based surveys as I stated in previous blog.

General based

In addition to surveys, polls are readily available. Some polls will not pay but taking polls are a sure fire way to state your views on current affairs, goods and services. There are voting available when necessary. Search engines platforms are another way to earn income. You can get paid for browsing the web. You will need to change your browsing settings to make this work.

These are some of the ways you can make extra income online. You don’t need to give up what you do online, it’s a matter of changing the way you do things online to make income. Change your mindsets and always think outside the box which will eventually maximize your income in the long run. Sometimes we are so fixated on the normal things that we do that we sometimes avoid doing things a lot differently, stunting our growth to achieve success. What I’m sharing above and throughout my blogging history, won’t get you rich, but, using those methods which I hope, will open your eyes to wealth and success in life.

Thanks for reading.

To your success



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