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Another week in the books, dear pals…and time seems to be flying faster than usual. It’s great to have no problems keeping up with my writing at the moment. I believe writing brings me joy. Talking about joy in this case or the lack thereof….. Instagram and Facebook was temporarily disrupted a few days ago.. I tried to post, I couldn’t. I was about to throw my phone(s) into the East River. Luckily I found out later that it had nothing to do with my phones but that Facebook, Instagram and any other platform in their pathway were disrupted. I ended up posted later on. What a mess. Sorry for those who rely on Social Media for their comforting and joy. Luckily I was able to ignore the “blackout” and concentrate on other things I do online. Including coming up with this blog this week on annoying episodes that I had to endure over time. Including that disruption.

I don’t check every lable on every food items I buy simply because whatever I buy I already know what’s in them. I tend to stick to what I know just to avoid all the confusion. I have only one exception, the vitamins I take. Again, I only stick to the brands I like. If I should go outside my brand of choice, I usually read the label. If I cannot pronounce what’s in it’s DNA, there is no way that I will purchase it. My choice is, not that it’s organic but that it is made from simple ingredients. Simple meaning all the ingredients that I know that does not requires  some scientific “mumbo jumbo”. Simple is better. The more I  can pronounce those ingredients, know those ingredients, be sure that what’s in my product, the better I  will feel confident with using them. But that is me. My reason is real. I do get nauseating feelings when I use products, especially multi-vitamins when it’s made up of,  but not limited to, chemical manufacturing. I can only drink certain bottled water or juices as well. I do get weird feelings from some brand of bottled water, but, as for vitamins, it’s usually a thirty day dose. It’s not smart to suffer for thirty days with a product I already know that I dislike. That makes no sense. Keep it simple for me.

The K-I-S-S methodology

Keep it simple… silly!!!” (K-I-S-S) method really make sense if you are sick and tired of complicated everything. I keep my blog simple since I live a simple life. I use no fancy words, since many will not know what they mean. Ok, so the words you use is a reflection of who you are. I’m not a English scholar, so I’m not showing anyone  what I’m not. Many bloggers will be more versed in those traits, not me. I love to keep things nice and simple. My writing should be good enough for even a child could understand and enough to explain what I wrote to anyone. I’m keeping  it within the K-I-S-S methodology.

The opposite of the K-I-S-S methodology is me clicking on an opportunity a few weeks ago. It started out simple. Put a few dollars down and access the program. So I did access the program for me to put another payment down to start. Well that raised a red flag. It’s a bait and hook scheme to reel me in and I’m thinking there is no turning back. The deal at first sounded too good to be true which turned out to be unfortunately unreal. “Keep it simple….STUPID…..” K-I-S-S.

What complicate matters further is false advertising. It’s hard for the aspired first  time online business entrepreneurs to take this business seriously and to have faith in it. Everyone talks about pyramid schemes, ponzi schemes or making money off of friends and family. Unfortunately this is true. These scammers try to re-create the wheel by using dishonest ways to make money online to disrupt the entire organization and to thereby create fear. Keeping your disclosures honest and simple is the only way out to make things simpler and easier. K-I-S-S method please.

The bake, [uh] trade off

What I do online is as easy as pie. People ask me what I do, I simply say, the same things everyone is doing but just making money from doing it. It’s true. And it’s a simple concept. My recipe for success here is made from wholesome and natural ingredients. People can relate to them. No scientific “mumbo, jumbo”. You have been doing it and are still doing it to this day.

Here is my simply K-I-S-S recipe

  • Put in your ingredients
  • You stir them up in hope and trust
  • Create a burning desire 375°
  • When done. Let it set until ready
  • Enjoy with others.
  • Extra: Be pennywise not pound foolish and top it off with an ounce of prevention.

End Results

A perfect pie

As easy as P-I-E when using K-I-S-S. There will be times when others will use this method to complicate or to grab your attention to apply their own “bait and switch” methods. Anyone trying to bait you into doing a thing and you see that red flag goes up in your mind, tell them to, well….. “KISS OFF”

Thanks for reading.

Have a wonderful weekend



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