Hidden Agenda

We all know that your profile says a lot about you. People like to know your likes and dislikes, what music you listen to, the books you read, the movies you love, etc. You can tell your brief story to the world without even giving away details. Well, in the world of profiling on the web, it’s just common to not write a book about you in that short space that’s given to you. That space should be enough to put all in a nutshell, so to speak…to be enough to tell a long story….short. So is the introduction in your blog, your Facebook, Twitter, etc…

I’m going to do something different and fill in some of the missing parts in my profile that’s never mentioned or not too visible in previous posts about myself or my blog site. You may also see this as explaining in more details what is my reason for being…. What makes me tick…. What annoys me the most/least. What is my next move…moving forward.

Before I start, I will have to congratulate myself for getting over 500k views to my blog in just a short time in existence. I couldn’t have done that without readers, fellow bloggers, friends and family like you. I’ve learned a lot and continue to learn more each and every day. I put my heart and soul out each week in writing without ever thinking that I will ever garner an audience. But I still pressed on. Blogging is sharing. Blogging brings me joy.

How did I come up with my domain name? Glad you asked. Well it was easy since it’s derived from my first name and middle name initials. Last name was not personal enough so I omitted it. Thanks in part to a former friend who started to call me AP which stuck. This was not my childhood pet name, so getting used to using it was not easy. It’s now a part of my blog site(s). Dot com were too expensive especially the ones I wanted, so I took a lower tier in cost. It worked out well since it is an unusual from the norm. So my blog domain was born. Did the same concept to my other site which eventually ended up with dot com.

Why blog? You are on a roll!!! Blogging was something I did in the past without success. Blogging is a way for me to express myself and mainly to share contents to everyone in lieu of using other social media sites. Blogged five years without even knowing what I was doing but I learned a lot along the way. What hurt me the most is that I spend too much to keep the site which I eventually had to shut down. Could not afford it anymore. To date, blogging is more fun since I can concentrate on writing than how am I going to pay the bills.

Do I make any money from blogging? Again, a good questions. Making money here is only another option for me. Unless I’m going to sell services, the money making will be hard to process. I’m an affiliate marketer. Marketing gets it’s privileges over just blogging. Blogging is a platform just like any other social media sites. By the way, I am making one hundred times what I made during my five years on my previous blog site. And that is just for the records.


Any likes/ dislikes? I dislike confusion. I don’t do well with fussing or cursing with others. I do get nauseated. So I try to avoid conflicts in the workplace, on the streets, etc. I believe I work better alone in my space and only on my own time. Most times I would rather do things myself. I like calm, quiet and non chaotic moments. Life can be a roller coaster these days and I’m not here for the rides but to avoid them.

What’s next on my agenda? Noisy, aren’t you!!. I have no clue what lies beyond what I’m doing online. I believe I got all bases covered. Obviously there are more room for growth along the horizon. If I see something new and different that is in line with what I’m doing to date, I will do it. So far, I am still keeping an open mind.

Can you imagine fitting all that on your profile page? People will read then decide whether you are crazy or just plain stupid in just one read. Where is the mystery in that. Conversely, people just don’t put their life stories on their resumes when seeking employment. What’s the sense in that. Your hidden agenda should be where it currently is…hidden….until it’s ready to be publicized.

Speaking about dislikes. One other thing. Being asked questions about my business without a care if I fail or succeed. So how’s business? How much bitcoins do you have?(most popular)…I can smell idle talk miles away. I always give out my blog info to people who has questions. I just divert them to my blog site or social media for them to get the answers. If they are so much interesting in my work, let them do their homework. Questions can be answered after that. There are idlers and haters out there, supporting them are no longer a part of my hidden agenda.

Thanks for reading folks. Much love to you.

Happy 500k views to me. Looking for more milestones to hit.

Enjoy you weekend

Ainsford (AP) Whitely


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