This is BIG

Bigger is not always better, but in some cases it is. Before I continue, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a great week so far. As for my week, here is how it went. First of all, I’m off on weekdays and will be working on the job mainly on weekends. Now I have plenty of time to write and to manage my activities online and offline efficiently. I cancelled writing on my other site this past Monday; basically, I never thought of writing anything but when I did it was too late anyway to write, edit and post. I was more concentrating on my workplace transition I mention above. It’s fine, I really wrote lots of contents over the past few months…whew!!….

Bigger can be better. In networking that is. From investing to gaming to shopping to blogging. The more the merrier. There is a great benefit in starting a big network. There are pros and cons. Let me share some below.

The Cons: 1.Too big to handle. 2.Missing out on opportunity. 3.Being too cocky (too sure of self/too proud).

1. Too big to handle? Then scale back. Weed out what is not working. Keep what is.  Make it more manageable to handle whatever you are doing online. Be accountable for whatever you are doing online. Since I scale back, I can make more money since I can manage what I’m doing online and see a bigger and better picture what I’m tackling.

2. Missing out on opportunity? The reason. Just too much going on at the same time for one person to handle. Ignoring the task is possible since it’s like climbing a mountain. A ton of work, impossible to handle. Losing  hope and confidence is now possible.  I scaled back. Now work is much more easier to handle

3. Being too cocky? Too sure of self/being too proud? This is bad indeed. Since I humbled myself, I concentrate more on the fun of working online over the burden of it. This is a long term deal not a get rich quick deal. I may make money today, tomorrow I may not.

And Pros: 1. More than enough work. 2. More money to be made.  3. Able to pick and choose where to work from or concentrate more on.

1. More than enough work? You bet. Work never ends that leads to 2… There will be more money to be made. Payments will be and certainly will be unlimited.

3. Pick and choose where to work from….. : I’ve been in situations where certain sites were closed for seen or unforeseen circumstances. I cried, literally. You have no control on whatever happens to your favorite platform(s). You get sad, you cut your loses but you have to move on. If you build big, you leave yourself many options. You decide when to work when or where.

Bigger is better in networking indeed. If you’re into making passive income, this is where you should be. Let everyone do the work for you while you sit back and relax or do whatever you want. Mind you, you will have to put some time in for starters.

I learned from stock investing that you shouldn’t fall in love with a stock or your portfolio for that matter. None of your equities should be safe. If you are building individual stocks and the stock you love is weighing down your portfolio for many bad reasons, it’s either you sell part of it, sell all and replace it immediately. Diversification is also a good trait to keep in your investing. I never fall in love with my work online whatever I do here. What doesn’t work will be weeded out for things that are working. I diversify my work here as well. I love what I do. I’m not in love with what I do. There is no safe haven here.

Last but not least. My writing. Writing is the final straw in what I do online. But this is a natural trait. I’ve been sharing contents online for years on other people’s platforms. Why not build my own. Writing may not make me the most money, but it is an avenue for sharing contents. Mind you. There are bloggers who are making tons of money out there. God bless them.

Working [mainly] from my device(s) as my actual blog entitles, gives me leverage. I have leverage, because I “Go Big”.

Here are some good reads that I highly recommend “Think and Grow Rich”~Napolean Hill & “Multiple Streams of Income~ Robert G. Allen. I cannot count the many times I’ve read these books.

The first book is all about your mindset. The second is creating different streams of income. Both together is great knowledge.

Thanks for reading.

“Happy 1st of the month of October!”

Wish you all…great success!!



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