Reading the disclaimers

Happy Friday everyone. Welcome again to my new blog post.

a statement that denies something, especially responsibility

The above explanation is a little vague to me and to maybe many out there. Here is my meaning to the disclaimer. These are the rules that apply as a way to prevent anyone from breaking the rules. You may call them “terms and conditions” or ” rules and regulations” ….all the same. Break them, then pay the price. The price you pay can be varied to fines, penalties or banishment. Always read the disclaimer first before joining in any programs.

The reason I chose this topic is that I’ve been sending lots of invitations to online platforms and also application over a course of time. I just my followers to read the disclaimers while joining these programs. Once you follow the rules that apply to these platforms, you will have no problems being suspended or banish from using these applications or platforms.

I was suspended a few times since I never read or fully understood the disclaimers. Here are a few examples. Having more than one account in the household. Never do this. I almost got away until it was time to redeem my earnings. I used separate emails, but they eventually found out. I had to delete one account before I redeemed my earnings. Luckily, I was not banned or suspended. I was a good member and in good standing. Another goof up was accessing my account from another gadget that wasn’t readily recognized by the host. This wasn’t my fault. I was suspended for a day for my troubles. Traveling overseas was a major blunder while accessing my accounts. Local and international wifi usage may cause your account to be banned. I was banned. I had to restart my account when I traveled back to my home country. Read your disclaimers.

The disclaimers may show a lot. A lot to read, and sometimes, they are hard to decipher. Unless you are a speed reader, you will read and reread until you understand everything that is written. Not me. I never saw that location was that important. Your IP address? Where you sign up from, your location, and your device are recorded. Well. This is what I’ve been told. Read the disclaimers. Be careful. Since they already know your IP address, signing in at a different location may trigger an alert that you might be cheating.

Another reason to read the disclaimers is that it is better to know than not to know the rules and regulations. It is not good to be banned by a host since this may cause a trigger reaction. Signing up to other platform by the same host may cause them to flag you as well. This has never happened to me, but not to say it won’t happen to you. A great way to prevent all this is to read the disclaimers before you sign up.

These are some of the rules to follow on money-making platforms. Some may already mentioned above. Take note.

  • Don’t speed while taking surveys
  • Have one account per household
  • Don’t sign in from multiple devices
  • Use your real name and email address


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