On the campaign trail

Happy Friday, my friends. I hope your week has been good since my last post. Wish you all a lovely weekend and a wonderful week ahead.

There are two topics that I find it hard to have a common ground on. Religion and politics. These two topics are challenging because of the many beliefs of many different people. I rarely discuss my beliefs in the workplace, especially politics. Lately, I’ve been more open about discussing it.


On the campaign trail

So I finally got my replacement passport. It’s been almost three years since I lost or misplaced it. This was after my last international travel, and right before COVID-19 hit us full steam. I had no intention of flying international until now.

I can picture myself as a political candidate campaigning in different cities and states for voters endorsements. The only way to get people to know me and to get my message to them is to meet and greet them in person. But I’m no politician. I don’t intend to be one either, but my goal of serving people is the same.

I am fascinated about traveling to different locations where my audience lives and thrives. Nothing is more fulfilling as to knowing that I’ve been at a certain location as it appears in media. I live for that.

Fast Forward(My Resume)

Let’s fast forward for a moment. I’ve already traveled to various states and cities in the USA. I’ve traveled overseas a few times. What is my mission? My mission is to set both feet on all US states and to visit various countries as well. If my audience has the time to read my blog and sign up with me, showing my appreciation is visiting them in their home State and Countries. It is easy for me since I love to travel and explore different regions.

Let’s name a few of the name brands I’ve worked with: McDonald’s, Walmart, Nike, Verizon, Toyota, Mazda, Coke, Pepsi, and the list goes on. Part of my mission is to help these brands make their products and services better for me and for everyone. As you also know, I’ve been a secret shopper. Checking to see where employees lack customer service skills. Customer service counts as very important to companies vieing for repeat customers. Companies are streamlining their customer experience. I’m glad that I was a part of that.

What about banking and investing. Has anyone mentioned crypto? What about stocks and ETFs? Investing makes a society strive. Investing regularly is also part of my mission statement.

Blogging started and ended two years before Covid-19 hits. This lasted for about five years. I believe it was a feeling out process where I just wanted to try something new. I failed miserable. A year and a half ago, I finally decided to dust myself off and start blogging again. This is the most fun I ever had. I never looked back after that.

What to.. now

I believe I will continue to do exactly what I’ve been doing so far. But there is always room for growth as the days go by. Traveling overseas may be on my radar in the near future, but I see myself doing more traveling locally. I haven’t gotten writer’s block, so I will continue to blog as soon as that green light comes on. I will continue to work with all the brands I mentioned earlier to enhance their goods and services to all. I will continue to share my insights with you… hopefully, we can learn from each other. In the meantime, I’m hoping to come to visit your city or province very soon on my next campaign trail.

To be continued……

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