Happy verses Content

Hello again. Welcome. It’s Friday.

I’m going to touch on a topic that I believe that I will get disagreement on . But isn’t most things I write about on this blog? Let me advise you on my disclosures. Read. Comment. Advise. I’m not an expert on this topic, I write from the heart. I write from experience. On this blog and many other blogs, I don’t seek advice from the experts. If you are looking for expert advice, please seek the experts. Thank you.


I’m happy, but I’m not content. These two have different meanings to me. Happy can also be a broad topic of discussion as in love. People are happy for whatever reason happiness to them may mean. “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” Happiness is the same. I will give some examples of happiness over content as I continue this blog.


I believe that to be content is to be satisfied with what you have. You are humble. You will never ask for more. You take it as it comes. You are a taker. Don’t get me wrong here. You can also be a giver as well. You give and take. The Bible teaches us to be humble. To be content.

In the workplace, I can see contentment. I worked on a prior job for six years and am currently working for another for nineteen years(19). This may be contentment to the umpteenth level. Contentment brings commitment. I never asked for more. I never rebelled about my salary or work given to me. But there is more to my contentment, loyalty, or commitment. Let me continue…..

More general examples

You may also be content with your job. What about your place of residence. Your family or love life. Your neighborhood. Your life in general. You may be content with anything, everything, or everyone. Until you give up. Give up on giving in? Contentment goes off the cliff, and so do you…literally. What happened to loyalty, commitment…humble?


Temporary mindset

Contentment is evitable until it’s not. How can one stay the same forever without wanting more. Earning for more? What is giving can be taken away. Sometimes, you will get more or get less. Where is the happiness if life is flip-flopping on your yearns and needs. I will tell you this, many people are living this life. Some may still find contentment being here. Some will not.

I also see in the workplace that some will try to get out of this “freeby” lifestyle. Some may even try different ways to get to the lifestyle where they are financially in charge. Where was the happiness? The ones who wanted to exit this contentment phase were just in it until they could take no more. This was only temporary.


I said earlier that I’m happy but not content. Is this an oxymoron? Does this contradicts all that I wrote earlier? Generally speaking, I’m a happy person. I’m in a happy place knowing that I am in control of my financial well-being. I’m not to the point of contentment as yet. I’m working on more. Since I’m not into taking only what is giving to me…I’m not only in the temporary stage, I’m also in the doing stage as well. So I take, so I do.

You can be happy and content with the basic needs of life as the Holy Scriptures proclaims. As for the other needs, happiness and contentment are questionable to me. I believe true happiness is where you are living the best life you were intended to live.

For me. It is still a work in progress.



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