Jungle Surf

Hello again everyone. Another Friday welcome to you all.

Since my last post, my week was very productive. I finally cleaned out all my email inboxes and consolidated my applications on my devices to share data evenly throughout those devices. You may think that cleaning out email inboxes was nothing to fear, but, my clutter goes back for months. Now I’m feeling much more organized..I am no longer leaving money on the table buried amongst those clutter.

Another new found joy of mine is promoting. These creators of promotional materials are really creative in making it fun for you to promote your goods and services. One form of promotion is called surfing. Surfing, as you might know from my previous posts is, Traffic Exchanges(TEs). Traffic Exchange allow you to promote your goods and services in exchange for viewing others good and services. I will further explain throughout this blog my method used in using this method.

Animal Kingdom

Strangely, I’ve been involved with traffic exchanges for years without even paying attention to its full reach and potential. Not only is TEs good for promoting, it is a great way of receiving income from commissions. It is also great for meeting people and creating teams and building friendships.

No questions asked. You can create your own income stream just being here. Create your empire.

It’s a jungle out there

Life is hard. But not here. You get to choose your plan on these surfing platforms. Timer is different, mostly slower on free services. If you want to surf faster, choose a premium plan. Don’t feel like surfing, buy hits to your promotions…save yourself some time…you are human in this jungle. You get to choose.

You choose your teams. This is not a workplace where you don’t get an option to choose your own. You are the boss. You decide how much time and effort you bring to the table. Competing with others is the norm but all in good sport. Here is the fun part. You can get goodies in cash and points (hits) along the way. It’s a jungle nonetheless, but everyone gets along nicely with each other.

So, as of late, this is where I’ve been spending most of my time. Surfing. Promoting my websites and other’s sites as well. Email marketing is also part of what I do as well.

So I love to surf with the animal theme. Ok… There are more creative themes to choose from, and I am a proud member of many more. Working online can be fun yet rewarding and I highly recommend traffic exchanges on a whole.

Stay tuned to the next theme….

Have fun and Happy Surfing.


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