Ticket to ride

Hello and welcome to a new day. It’s Friday and my new post day. Please make a note of this. Happy Friday!!. I changed my post day from Tuesdays to Fridays to work on other projects. This will give me more time to write without the rush and the hassle. I believe that if your personal projects become an hardship, give it up or change a thing or two. Changing the day to Fridays makes sense. I call this growth. I call this progress.

Let me start by saying that I traveled a lot locally. My favorite mode of transportation…the bus. The bus is necessary to get me where I want to be. A train is not. I don’t have access to a car and a plane is unnecessary. I said I’ve been traveling locally. The only true option is by bus.

Trains, planes and automobiles are popular mode of travel. Subways and ferries to add to the mix by underground and by waterway. We punch our tickets wisely to where we wish to go and at what speed and cost……

Life is a journey. The reason why some don’t make the journey well? They chose the wrong vehicle.

There are lots of smart people out there. They talk a good talk. But are they the best advisers. I always look at really what they are doing and my stubborn self will decide whether to listen to them or not. Advise is good if the advise is a better alternative to what I’m doing. A wrong advise will get me off course….

….off course since using the wrong vehicle for knowledge.

What drives you…Society will lead you astray if you live to follow the crowd. Will you listen to your parents, pastors, government officials, celebrities and friends for advice. There is nothing wrong with that. There are the internet and the gurus as well to choose from. So glad we have the choice to choose our mode of travel throughtout live’s journey…

I love to travel. Travelling helps in my blogging and learning at the same time. Usually I will fall asleep while in bed or get distracted while indoors. I do better outdoors since I have no reason to fall asleep.

Let talk about travelling on the road….There is beauty in traveling on the road. I took many long road trips, some that took days on the road. What are the benefits? First of all, the beauty of nature. It’s the time to relax and reflect. It’s meeting unique people and circumstances. It’s worth documenting my journey to share and to keep as momentum. Traveling to different places, even to far away places I’ve been before support my cause to see how others are living and thriving. Why would I travel to places I’ve already been? I guarantee that I would’ve missed seeing a thing or two while previously traveling there. It could be that I distracted, sleeping or on the other side of the seating. Don’t forget that different people to meet each travels. More unique places to see and visit since time is change. Attitude brings about great productivity. Even though I will work harder if I’m frustrated which is rare, I can work and think better if I’m relaxed and open minded. Being on the road will do that, plus, easy access to the internet by mobile or wifi.

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When you travel, you pick the mode to get you from point A to B. Doesn’t it make sense on your journey through life that you choose your mode real carefully. Choose your relationships with care. Choose your counsel with care or you will be led off course. If your job or coworkers are leading you astray, find other sources to lead on. If your family and friends are leading you astray, love them but find other sources to lead on.

This is what I learned throughout my journey. People may not share the same dreams or goals or share the same passion as you but may support you nonetheless. But be careful, I’ve had support in the past, actually mentally, when you lose that support, that could be the end of your journey as well. So be careful. I build a great big moat to keep me afloat just in case. Build one. A moat is your inner support system that kicks in during an emergency. It is like your pack up power supply to use when all seem lost.

A moat...I learnt this in investing courses. There are equities that are deep rooted, some more than others depending on their market share and have growth and profitability over other equities. A moat in general is a protective mechanism. A built in safeguard.

Choose your ride. Punch your ticket and enjoy your journey.

Bon voyage!!!



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