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Hello Everyone. It’s blogging time again. I hope everyone had a great week from my last post.

Now that the pandemic has come to a close and while some employees are back in their offices, I still think that some will continue to work from home. I have also noticed that quite a few will mix it up by working only a few days at a time outside of their homes. What a great opportunity for those who never thought that working from home was possible. It was a dream come true for the few years since the pandemic. Working from home was just reserved for the elite few before the pandemic, now available to all. This might be coming to an end. But a job is a job whether you work remotely or not. You still have a boss. And the rules still remain……

You must check in… Well,me being in my home office which is anywhere, I recall hearing folks on cellphones or laptops conversing with I believe was work related issues. Nosey you might think. But I am in my workspace. I am in my element before and after the pandemic……

Aha!!! More buildings are going up. Old ones remaked or remodeled. Coming soon near you…it’s back to the old grind….Office spaces. Welcome back to your good ole’ cubicles and if lucky, your offices with a view or without.

I’ve been hearing chatter for months now that we will not get back to normal and that this is the “New Normal” which is Skype and working from home. I used to believe that but I don’t anymore.

The trains and buses are crowded. My usual trip during the pandemic and a tad after was easy. Now, I can barely get a seat on the train post pandemic. Foot and vehicular traffic are back. The bells are ringing(Sorry, the holidays are over)..ringing in the bells for schools and churches. They are back in session.

My home office is not limited to home like a job. I asked myself. Are you allowed to take trips away from home without telling your colleagues? Your boss? I would believe that if you worked from home, you could work any where and every where as long as you have internet and phone connections. I never ask. I do know that, pre pandemic some companies used to allow their workers to take extended time off to go wherever but they either had to check in to their office at times and/or to tell everyone about their experiences when they return. I still call that work with perks. It’s still a job and you have a boss.

I don’t believe that I would have liked to work from home as in a job. I even find it hard to do online classes. In these cases, you are bonded. Restrictions are hard to swallow even those who are taught to believe they are charge. What about what I do online away from work…..

Entrepreneurs are not employees. Some start out in jobs and move on permanently in their businesses. There is nothing unusual in what I do. There is nothing unusual in how I choose to run my business(es) and as an employee. Why in the world will anyone criticized my place and time. “So what are you doing here?”. They use to say. “The same as you” was my reply. But I can work anywhere and everywhere at will. Here is another treat. I do not believe in being where I should be as in traditional folklore. I shouldn’t be where I am if I have a store or building office I’m paying for. I don’t pay for office spaces. My office is everywhere. Free of cost.

Start your business from anywhere when you work online. You don’t need to rent office spaces. Your goal is to build big, big enough to go anywhere you wish to work and with whoever you wish to work with..with your saved money. In this case. Your home office is not corporate in nature whether you work from home or not.

Thanks for reading. Please read related posts on this topic.

To your success…

Ainsford (AP)


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