Seizing the Moment[um]

So glad that we survived last year and onto a new victory. A new beginning. Welcome to a New Year. Welcome to Tuesday. That means, it’s blogging time again.

Live and Learn

Last year had its challenges. The past Summer was brutal. I was not the heatwave that was the problem. It was the bug bitten, allergies flaring up and trying to dodge the fumes from the smokers who doesn’t care about anyone’s health nor their own. It was the damaged mobile phones I had to contend with. It was the falling asleep during a program because I was too tired to stay awake..then breaking my phone, again and again.

Last year was a trial. To see what worked and what didn’t. To see how much effort I could put into a project to garner good results. And to stop damaging my cell phones. Stay up already!!!!

So we live and we learn. I lived and learned.

The Food Game banner

Trimming the fat

Next, it’s weeding out what I don’t need to do this year. To make matters easier, I already deleted some applications and platforms and added some more to compensate. In the coming weeks, I intended to delete those that I am really using to cut my activities to minimal. It only makes sense to minimize my activities with the tools necessary to maximize my activies. In other words. Do less. Make more.

New Ideas

What made last year interested is, new ideas on how to build my online portfolio came in almost every week. It is the act of putting whatever I got on hand in place. Fitting each piece of activities each days, weeks and months was a huge part of a very successful year. Thanks also in part for my blogging. Readership/membership dropped last year over the previous inception year due in part for me manually promotion the website(s) verses automating and paying mainly for services. Cutting cost really helped to put the money saved to good use to better the website(s) and to do other spendings/investing in other projects.

It is not about readership,exposures or making money. If I had to cut back on spending even though it would hurt my bottom line, so be it. The greatest thing is the joy in doing what I do.


Putting money into tools was one of the best moves I’ve made late in the year. Replacing the broken phones with new upgraded ones and made for a smoother and faster transition into the New Year. A great worker has his/her tools always ready for the job at hand.

Do not hesitate to put extra funds aside for tools or tools upgrades in your businesses, even if your businesses is low cost or no cost to run.


Picture this. You are watching a game. Say, basketball. The team keeps hitting shots after shots. These guys are on a roll. Unstoppable. “Time out”. The opposing team try to break the other team’s momentum by stopping the game.

Ever have moments when whatever you are doing goes wrong. Your entire day seems to be moving backwards. You tried to remain positive but to no avail. This momentum needs to be stopped. “Time out”.

Which ever way the momentum is going. The momentum can be stopped. As in the basketball game, the momentum can still continue after a timeout if the opposing team cannot come up with good strategies. “Time out” can be a deal breaker or deal stealer.

Last year I had great streaks which no matter what I did turned out in the positive. The positives greatly outweighs the negatives for the year which was great. A little negative make us human. It is part of learning.

My goal is to seize the moment and continue to hold on to the momentum. I hope you have a good momentum in this new year as well. A good year last year? I’m hoping for a better one for you this year.

To your success…



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