Resolution, Not a Solution

Happy Tuesday everyone. You guessed it. It’s blogging time. Christmas is over all over the world, so I hope everyone’s Christmas was great no matter how you celebrated it. We now look forward to the end of the year celebration.

Traditionally, most will celebrate with parties and music with fire crackers blasting off by the novices and the professionals. Be safe everyone. Fire crackers are notorious for severe accidents. Let’s leave this all for the professionals. Please be safe.

Now let’s talk traditions. Topic today is Resolutions. We all look forward to a better year or a new year to match the old. That is my goal each year. I do not do resolutions, but, to do better each and every new year. I am also mindful of whatever happened in the old year, good or bad, stays there. As for each day, the new year is always a new beginning. We all look forward to the new year. It’s a gift, that is why it is called the present. Accept it. Embrace it.

It is strange to think that most resolutions are not met each year leading to more resolutions each year. The ever so popular losing weight. I believe people endulged in eating merrily during Thanksgiving and Christmas to lose the weight the following next year. Good luck. We all get older which losing weight can become a challenge. Next it is financial. I believe people also spend a lot during these holidays making each year end trying to make ends meet in the next year. Here’s a kicker. You lose weight. Get a new wardrobe. Gift giving. The parties. The celebrations. Money becomes tight. Repeat. Is there an end to this ongoing cycle?

Businesses benefit from resolutions. The companies do their homework to see the needs of resolutioneers. Well, you can get gym membership, active wear and a spot in yoga classes. There are also financial applications which I use (non resolution) and banks willing to take your money for safe keeping. Businesses have their own resolutions for anyone who is hell bent on setting resolutions in hope for a solution.

Resolutions as a tradition is not a good trend if the trends are the same each year. I do believe others will set other resolutions which they believe they will keep. Listen, just like anything new in life, boredom can play a huge part in making that resolution a failure. Unless you are serious and committed, success can be attained. My solution to you. Make that resolution. Take it off your wish list and start a new and different resolution the next year or don’t make any at all.

I used to think that New Years’ resolutions were a joke. The reason is that, many are doing and saying the same things at the beginning of each New Year. This in the end result in following the leader who isn’t leading by example. The same as, when the clock struck midnight, traditionally the festivities begin. Embracing your friends and love ones, glasses held high to toast in the New Year. That is real and publicly adapted. Resolutions are personal and quiet and not quite as adaptable .

My quest is not to make resolutions as in the sense of traditional resolutions. I would like to accomplish new things each year and grow stronger with whatever I already accomplished. The problems with traditional resolutions is that they tend to be year to year and just keep going in that same format. Why not change that. Do things mid year. Set inner goals throughout the year. Get some more action done instead of the talking. Don’t be a statistic.

Resolutions are not the solutions. It is good to talk out loud and shout out our goals and dreams to the Heavens. It is good motivation. No action done is like leaves blowing in the wind. So what’s the use. Here’s my solution. Break that tradition. Eat. But don’t over do it. Spend. But wisely. Anything you make a yearly resolve for. Cut it off. Change your habits and set yourselves free. Keep the New Year celebration and wish for greater things and always. In a nutshell. In the New Year. Make frugality your year to year promise.

I want to thank each and everyone, readers and members alike for your continuous contribution to the success of my blog sites(s) throughout the year. May the New Year bring you peace, love and abundance beyond measures for you and your loved ones.

See you next post. Next Year.

Happy New Year 2023


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