Defensive Stand

Hello Everyone and Happy Friday!!!!

Last post I mentioned building a moat and what a moat really means. Go back and read it if you didn’t…just kidding!!! A moat in investing are benchmark used in companies that are leaders based on profitability. A moat in general is a water reservoir usually built in castles serving as an extra line of defense.

Let me start by saying that the hardest part of any journey to financial freedom is your decision to start. Protecting what you build amidst competition is the key factor in staying in the game and to maintain profitability. This is your moat. This is your line of defense.

19th Years

I can give an account for the past nineteen(19) years on my quest for financial freedom. Freedom did come at a cost. Finding the right online or investment business place me in situations to choose in which direction do I needed to go. Nothing I did was a failure. It was like a feeling out process. All of these nineteen(19) years I still held a job to this day. I never quit my job. Until this day, I only quit the way I think and look at life. I always think on entrepreneurship and keep an open mind. I can account for learning each and everyday throughtout this journey. Whould I have gone back to chance anything. No I would not.

Going back, I always think that there is more to my talents than being a super employee. I know I could have been an artist…but the creative arts were not my thing. I always wanted to do something different. Do the things that were not popular. I already know that not all people share the same talents. Talents are not stereotypical. Talents are not the same as in gender, creed, race or backgrounds I tend to believe. To this day, I still believe that people are still not grasping to what I’m doing and to where I’m going with it. Great. This is the end result of choosing what I love to do rather than what others think what I should be doing.

The Motivator

Money is not a good motivator. If so, a lot more people will be rich today than struggling to make ends meets. I get lots of invites with people flashing money, houses and cars at me. Some are even sitting on the beaches in some exotic places hoping that I might be enticed by one or the other. Whatever they are selling is perhaps true. Here is the million dollar question. What do I do to gain all this. This is where the bucks stop with most people. The work. I know some people will do anything for money. Does money bring happiness. Well, it helps to have the money, but, it doesn’t guarantee that you will have the peace of mind or happiness you deserve. After having all the money to get whatever you want. Then what.

Whatever you are passionate about is the great motivator. Ask yourself. Would you continue to do this even though you are not making lots of money or no money at all. That’s the true motivator. Again, it’s not what people think you should be doing, it’s what you think you should be doing.

My motivation comes at a cost as well. Testing out ways to see where I would Excell the most while having fun in doing it took some time to manifest.

Looking for ways to make money outside of your job. Here are a few pointers. Never quit your job until you believe in your heart that it’s a good time to do so and you found what you are passionate about. Don’t be forced to quit it as well. Even if you are making money in your business, be patient. Be calm. Being too proud or arrogant could lead to your demise.

Don’t know what you are looking for to do? Here are a few examples to narrow your search.

1. These are the different ways to make money

  • Big business
  • Small business
  • Self employment
  • Investing
  • Employment

2. Start immediately

  • Find your niche
  • Start small
  • Learn while you earn
  • Expand
  • Have fun

Build your moat

I believe that building your safeguard is important to keep you in the game. I don’t mean that you have to be aggressive. All I’m saying is that the more unique you are is the better to stay above the competition. Next, you have to build to weather any kind of storm. My safeguard is to build deep and wide. I want to tap into my resources at any moment. Ask yourselves. What would you do or where would you go if money was not an issue. What would you do if there was a crisis. Your money will come. Protect yourselves. Take a defensive stand. Build your moats.

Thanks for reading.

Enjoy your weekend!!!!

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