It’s not🚀rocket science🚀🚀

Hello, Hello and Hello my dear friends.

I hope your week was very productive and you accomplished whatever you set out to do. Below is a random act of issues that I needed to “get off my chest”.

The simple things in life are, ok…simple. Humans complicate everything. Life is not hard. It is how we approach life that matters. I always look at my problems as not as bad comparing to others. The outcomes in our lives are the result of the choices we made. If it’s bad. Fix it. Avoid the mistakes to never duplicate them. It’s not rocket science. It’s simply how we approach life overall.

What’s tradition has to do with it? Basing our lives on tradition can either make or break a generation. I don’t need to follow in the footsteps of my ancestors if all that glows is footsteps leading nowhere. Our parents want us to be like them. Our parents want us to accomplish where they fail. I noticed the glorification when parents’ children succeed. Now it’s all over the social media as if to tell the world what success is all about. Not to think that others that fail will not rebel. But what about our parents’ accomplishment? Are the children just doing it to make their parents proud or are they doing it based on their will to succeed regardless?

It becomes manipulative putting ones life based on tradition and our beliefs. I believe our full strength is based on our goals in life…our strength lies in our God gifted talents alone. The choice is ours. It’s not rocket science putting tradition on the back burner. What’s the use in neglecting our talents to please our peers. My life is not based on tradition. My life is based on only the things I love to do. I refuse to follow in one’s footsteps if the steps take me to places I don’t want to be.

Why do people say that they are content if they may not be. Ignorance is bliss. Being content is one thing. Being content without growth is to me as giving up or giving in to what ever is handed out to you. This may not be the case with everyone. But for me, growth stretches me. Growth brings more potential. I am content with the fact that I am able to stretch myself to the limit of my potential. It’s not rocket science. It’s using your God given resources and using them to my advantage.

Do to others as you would like them to do to you. Anger and resentment will prevent you from great accomplishment. I look at the gossipers as time wasters. Who has time to gossip if they are extremely busy in their lives. I believe they say that the ones who gossip are the same ones who are [gossiped] about. This leading to a circle of gossipers heading to nowhere. I believe the more you talk behind ones back(resentment) is the more you put credence on that person. That person becomes a major part of your life. If so, talk good about others or not at all. It’s not rocket science to change that approach with being[good]in dealing with others. What goes around will come around full circle.

Let me start by saying that no one can change your mindset but you. So why do one think that lifestyle change will change their mindset. Some may use their environment as ways to change. Others may use their outward appearance as means for change. You can change all you want. Nothing will change if you don’t at first change your mindset. Don’t forget, wherever you go, your minds go with you.

This reminds me of the story about the man who sells his property to go elsewhere to pan for gold.. not knowing that tons of gold were already on his property. He gained nothing in the end. His buyers became excessively rich. It’s not rocket science to change your mindset. Changing your environs won’t.

Being a rocket scientist is not an easy achievement. I believe it is complex and time absorbing. Comparing rocket science to anything we do or say is like comparing simple knowledge to complexity and trivial ones. For instance, changing or gaining an habit will take approximately thirty days. Change will come only if you want change. Many people think that change in Government will bring change to them. This is never the case. People tend to stay in the same predictament before and after change in government. Government don’t change people. People change themselves.

So if you are a rocket scientist, following in the tradition in line of rocket scientist or endeavoured to be one, please keep your complexity there and not complex your day to day living. This is self help 101. Just keep life simple.

Thanks for reading



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