Go West, My Friend 2

Welcome back to the second and final edition to my trip out west. If you did not read the first one, I would advice you to go now and read it. Let me apologize for not so perfect pictures since all pictures were captured by my cellphone quickly with not much room for editing.

As you know, my trip started out in New York and ended in Las Vegas, Nevada. My goal in mind is to visit all fifty States by at least setting foot on them as proof. This is the third time this route and two new States were on my trip this time, Texas(Amarillo) and New Mexico (Albuquerque). Trip was made by Greyhound Bus lines and affiliated bus lines. I will show a quick ad then will continue.

Going to share some do(s) and don’t(s) on trips like these so you don’t make the same mistakes I made. My previous trips to Florida and twice in Canada by bus were a lot different this trip. Well, I was much younger for one plus either my legs got longer or these bus spaces got smaller. I was not prepared for this. I believe I am still reeling from this a week later. Know your limits. About every two hours, you might get a break for food and stretch. Some stops in between maybe for only drop offs or pick ups so you can stretch but maybe not for long. Be advised. During travel, you may be sleeping in awkward positions so your limbs may not have the ability to endure the positions you placed them in. Ouch!!! You may be awake but your limbs may still be sleeping to put things mildly. I never experienced that this trip, but, my knees hurt a bit by not getting the usual stretching. So be prepared.

Buffalo, NY

Buses can get crowded during pickups and drop offs. You may ride alone at times, but prepare yourself for ride partners. Your partner snores, you lose. If you are not a sound sleeper, snoring from your ride partner or worse, to sleep on your shoulder, your ride could be a nightmare. Pray for the quiet ones and the ones who keep to themselves. Not to be critical of others, but you may get ride partners, let’s, say, maybe much bigger or heavier than you. These seats are small. We are not. We are adults. Mind you. Luckily I endured till the end. I slept good at times with no annoying ride partners those two days both ways.

There are times when you need to reboard your bus. Leave something of no value on your seat or you may lose your seat when you get back on the bus…and please, take your ticket with you. You may have to show your ticket and reboarding pass to the driver when you reboard. It slows things up when you leave your tickets behind. Avoid conflicts. Convincing your fellow passenger in your seat to give it up…all I can say is, good luck!! I’m mild mannered, these trips are long and tiresome. Avoid conflicts. Place something of no value on your seats.

Off freeway in Oklahoma

Your bus maybe too cold or too hot. Regardless of the season, please take a sweater or if necessary, a blanket. Don’t be dismayed if your fellow riders enjoy the opposite to what you like. Prepare to adjust to your own liking. A sweater with a hoodie will do the trick. You are comfortable yet not over dressed. Take with you the necessities. Arguing with the driver to adjust the temperature is not good. He/she may comply, but, you may have angry fellow riders to deal with. Don’t be left by the side of the road. Be prepared for lull in bus cabin temperature.

Downtown St.Louis, Missouri

I know these trips are long and you may go days without a shower. Shower will come when you get to your destination. Some rest stops have showers. Let me tell you this. It’s tempting to shower, but, you may miss your bus when done. Why sacrifice being left behind in desolation because you blew your break. Breaks are not long. Some drivers may leave you behind while some won’t. Waiting for you may make angry riders and driver. Wash your face and brush your teeth on breaks if you must… especially the morning after. Freshen up if necessary. Well at least you may end your break with fresher breath and somewhat cleaner body before you left. That’s priceless. Don’t miss the bus.

Somewhere between Arizona and Utah

A lot has changed since my last road trip. In Las Vegas, the bus depot was changed. I missed my bus there on my way home and had to reschedule because no one was able to assist me properly. Luckily I was able to get the next bus, for a fee of course. In the end I was taken care of. Customer service needs to be improved there. Signs and bus routes need to be more customer friendly. The rewards program is not good. Riders should be given rewards for miles rather than for each trip. I delayed taking the bus in the past because the rewards given was not worth it. Traveling that far is not cheap either. One should be compensated properly for it.

I will do this trip once more to set things at ease with me. I’m still limping. I will consider as soon as my leg is healed. The dos and don’ts applies to me as well. Next time I travel by road, I will be well prepared. Thanks for reading.

Enjoy your day



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