Working Smart

Hello Everyone. I hope your week was good since my last post. Hopefully you got the chance to read both my posts on my road trip out West. I’m still trying to recover from it. I’m feeling a lot better in my leg/knee areas. But the show must go on. It’s back to work. Blogging that is.

Judging from my leg’s discomfort, it’s obvious that I’m not as young as I used to be. My previous road trips were many years ago and I was fine back then. It’s also true that the things I used to do back then had to be done differently now.

There is a difference between working hard and working smart. I’ve had jobs where I had to use some “elbow grease” to get the job done. I’ve had office jobs where the work seemed to never end…if I ever took a day off, I’ll be really backed up. Jobs are jobs. You’re given a task which is yours to complete. You can work smart by pacing yourself if necessary, but good luck. Some bosses may need to see you bursting in sweat to get the job done. My point is, in the workplace, working hard may take credence over working smart. The boss calls the shots. He/she is working smart by delegating the task at hand. He/she may be working hard as well to get the job done by you.

I’ve learned the difference between working hard and working smart even in the workplace. I had a boss who once told us that you should never “fool around” if you are having problems getting the job done. You may “fool around” after getting the job done and/or you know what you’re doing. Some didn’t get it. Some though he was too mean and “bossy”. To me, he was speaking common sense. All he is saying is that, you learn what you have to do first. Do it. Play after. In the workplace, that’s working smart.

Another way I learn to work smart in the workplace is by learning the job really well and quickly. The faster I learn. The easier the job becomes. Another way I learn is to become independent. I never feel comfortable when the boss is around and always calling the shots. He/she is not my “task master”. Let me figure somethings out. If I needed help, let me seek them. Another way to do this is, learning quickly, teach others if necessary, collectively, the job gets easier. That’s working smart in the workplace.

I believe. If you develop good work etchics, this could take you beyond the workplace and into the [space] of owning your own business.

The same as in your online business. Affiliation is key. Affiliated marketing is a great tool over working hard versus working smart. In this case you’ll never work alone. As I mentioned in one of my earlier post on team surfing on surfing platforms. When you work together, you get more done over doing it all alone by yourself.

Be like your boss at work over delegating the work load by sharing your online money making platforms. This builds in most cases, residual income. You can just sit back and have the money rolling in ten folds.

In investing, you can do your own analysis or make someone else do the work, thus saving your precious time. I manage my own investments. I learned the art of investing wisely. It is very easy for me to invest care free since I already put my time in to learn quickly. I know what I want when I want to invest. Using certain online investment platforms makes it easier and more fun in investing. This is working smart over working hard.

Working hard is hard. Working smart is working without the stress of working hard. If you are a busy person(like everyone else), pacing yourself is key. You have a life outside of your life’s work. You need a balance. Find that balance. Finding that balance is the key to working smart.

Wishing everyone a successful and meaningful life.



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