A Plan In Motion

So you got a plan. I’ve heard so many people with many so called plans. That is great. With no action. Not so great at all. Anyone can talk up a plan. Many talked about starting their own businesses. Some may put a time and date to theirs. Some may put theirs on hold until other career moves are completed. What about after retirement. Some may aspire to wait until after they are old and grey since they believe it may be something to do before they passed on. A bucket list? Somewhere along those lines. Time waits for no one. Nothing is sure in life either

I know that the Covid-19 pandemic put a pause on some people’s plans. I don’t believe I had a plan before the pandemic hit. If I did, and was profusely interrupted, I would have been truly disappointed at that time until now. Ironically, it was during the heights of the pandemic..where I set my plan in motion. I started to blog again.

Once I get an idea in my head, it’s hard not to take action. I toss and turn in my sleep. The pain. The agony of not getting things started rain havoc on me…until I get started. The hardest thing to do is to get started.

Consistency is key. Being consistent is easier said than done. But consistency can create boredom to my knowledge. Even having the Midas Touch can still lead to disaster. In other words. Doing the same things over and over again(in this case, a positive), can still lead to madness. Making money consistently doesn’t rule out the fact that you may lose interest in whatever you’re successfully doing.

Here is what I do to be consistent, yet, still have fun in the process.

  • Change the theme I find it easier to do the same things but with “fresh new eyes”. In other words, by changing the way I do things, maybe doing less of it, helps me to appreciate it even more. Say I already mastered this task. Letting it run in the background while I do other things may be another option. What about making it residual income in nature with the option to personally manage it from time to time. This helps me to not give up/lose interest or become bored with doing it.
  • Have fun Another way not to get too bored with a task is to make a game out of it. Reward myself if I do win. I love to win, so, I do my hardest to accomplish this feat.
  • Include in daily routine There are some platforms that reward you for just checking in. Just checking in, meaning that you won’t get bogged down in it and allowing time and space to do additional work on my other projects.
  • Promote it They are times when I believe it is time to share the love. Project too big for me or is getting away from me, best thing to do is to promote it. This is another way to gain residual income without worry about being bored with it or to give up entirely on it.
  • Replace it I didn’t say quit. If a project is a winner, I would do any one of the four options above. If no longer needed, I would replace it with another platform. Replacing one project over another if it’s more profitable or better suited for my online portfolio.

There maybe reasons beyond your control why you quit a project. Probably. That project platform is no longer available..Or…you may just need to change your project theme altogether.

For the life of me, I used to not complete a project in the long run. This is the longest I’ve ever stayed active in my project to date since I’ve been practicing new ways to stay consistent which I shared above. Am I still looking for new ways to stay afloat. Why not. It is much better to have more ways than one. The more the merrier.

Listening to the naysayers

One way of derailing my project(s) is to take negative feedback to negate my causes. You will always get negative feedbacks. If no one is offering an alternative, I never pay close attention to them. I rarely listens to negative reviews if doesn’t give me an alternative.

Nothing or no one can stop my plan in motion. It’s comparative to a Meter Maid or a Police Officer issuing a traffic ticket which never or ever been erased until fight in Court. Good luck for even trying to stop me before I start. So if you’re looking to get started, or just need tips to stay committed. Read this post.

Thanks for reading.

See you next post.

As I’m writing this post, I’m on the road travelling throughout the Midwest, USA. See details in future post to come.



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