Two Peas In A Pod

Another week is here my friends. Welcome to my blog. Let me recap on what happened in my life from my last post. Well, basically, more of the same. Posted to blog site #2, then promote, promote and promote some more. I am getting quite comfortable with the surfing platforms to promote on. Comfortable enough to join in teams and building new friendship. These platforms are just a group of like-minded people like myself with the same goals in mind. Work. Share. Promote. In that order.

The team spirit is hard to break. Individually I’m strong. Being in a team makes me stronger. I compare teams as being like “two peas in a pod”. There is unity. Where there is unity, there is strength.

To be frank. Sometimes I do not have the energy to go the extra mile. Team spirit is great. Someone else is able to pick up the pieces while I’m temporary down and out. Individually. I would’ve had to cut my losses and call it a day.

My energy varies. I may feel energized in the morning. Sometimes not. In the afternoon. Sometimes not. At nights. Rarely. I try to eat right. Certain foods and drinks sap the crap out of me. Rest is great. A good night’s sleep and a few naps throughout the day will do the trick. Pausing is great for the eyes. Take a few minutes break here and there will work wonders in giving and retaining my energy. As I said. The team spirit is there to help to pick up the pieces.

A little tidbit about me. The earlier I am at the utmost level of energy, say early morning, the better my whole day would have become more productive.

Keeping a good pace really save my energy for the day. Ever seen long distance runners having a pace maker? When one or more goes out and set the pace for everyone to follow? What about birds flying in a vee formation? “Team work makes the dream works” as the saying goes.

Let’s switch gears a bit. Having a companion with the same mindset will help you to move forward. Family members who share your insights is key. I am not lucky to find family and dear friends whose mindsets are in tuned with mine. Strangers are plenty. The world is my oster. Unfortunately, strangers are all in my team of family and friendship in my circle.

There is no fun in working alone. But I did. Why? Whatever I do or been doing is the same as anyone has been doing in their spare or part time most of their lives. They invest. They surf the web. They shop. They listen to music. They watch videos. I take things a bit further and make a life’s work from it. Partnership is that step I took. My family of friends and now my online family. Kudos to Social Media sites as well. Many friends there who view my contents. I thank everyone.

Here are some of the synonyms of like-minded people. “Join at the hips”, “Cut from the same cloth”, “The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree”, “Like mother, like daughter” and my above mentioned, “TWO PEAS IN A POD“.

Thanks for reading.

Have a great day



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