Your Deepest Darkest Secrets

Well hello everyone. Welcome back to my blog. I hope your week was productive as mine.

Let’s start by me saying that no one is above the law even if they possess lots of money or fame. Words are made to be spoken.. and if you are truly hurt by those words coming from a person’s mouth.. this still doesn’t give you the authority to physically attack that person…or should I say slap that person. This is in reference to whatever happened at the Oscar’s last week. I didn’t see the show but I heard this in the news and from everyone else inside and outside my circle. Let me pause for an ad break then I will continue thereafter.

Sometimes we let our emotions take over our lives. Anger, hatred and retaliation can tarnish our reputations even though some may regretted or apologized for the act that was committed. Think first. Act accordingly.

Your  Secrets Safe With Me

Talking about committed. Committed to keep a person’s secret is a commitment in itself. Why keep secrets anyway. Better yet, why tell anyone about it since it is no longer secretive moving forward. I don’t have secrets. At least, nothing worth saving. I’ve had relationships that goes down the tube since I was the only one who didn’t have anything to share. Again, nothing worth sharing.

I don’t believe that any one who spilled their secrets to me hasn’t spilled it to anyone else. “Don’t tell anyone?”. Really? How do I know who else knows this. I usually take this in with a “grain of salt”. Your secrets, or so called secrets are never safe with anyone.


No crime goes unpunished. You claimed you’re innocent to one, but confessed your sins to others? Prison is not the place for making friends by spilling secrets. Your secrets are never safe with your priests as well. Your significant others? Well, until a breakup. Then what?  I believe that I’ve been watching too many crime shows to know things usually back fire when you tell your secrets to someone you think you may trust. If so, just come clean from the start and avoid redicule in the latter.

Forcefully allowing you to tell a person you love or respect secrets is a matter of getting things that may have been weighing you down, off your chest. Never keep secrets.

Public domain

Unless my business is publicly traded, I am not at liberty to share my earnings to anyone unless it is the IRS. Even on the job, I feel uncomfortable sharing my salary with anyone outside HR. And HR should already knows this. People talk. Secrets are never sacred. People who may come to me with these salary information, maybe bragging to me. A bit of a show off. It’s not that I’m so special and believing that I’m the only one who knows this. By the way, I’m not impressed by this information, regardless. Salary comes. Salary goes. In jobs, jealous or anger may become possible if your salary falls into the wrong hands, or minds. Keep this private.


You have to share information if in tradition or untraditional businesses. Big or small. I share the basic information. How much I’m making? Is beside the point. Don’t forget. Not all goals are in align with each persons. I just share the basic stuff. Some people are curious to know your personal information. Some to get in your business or “to get in your business” if you know what I mean. Don’t waste time with them. Disclose. Then just walk away.


In conclusion. Fame and fortunes has it’s downfalls. If you are a private person from birth, like me, stay away from being famous. Your privacy is no longer private. You can still make a life by being under the radar. If not. Learn to live with the Pavarotti or your peers. Lashing out, slapping and other physical retaliating is a no-no. This is what you sign up for. You should know better. Expect your punishment. Keep your mouths shut. Keep your hands to themselves. And for everyone else. Your secrets are never safe.

Thanks for reading.

Enjoy your day and the rest of the week.



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