New Tools of the Trade

Hello Everyone

Welcome to another week. Welcome to my blog. Glad that you could join me here away from your busy schedule. Again, Welcome.

Let’s see what’s in the news. Well, the war on Ukraine ranges on. I applaud Ukraine’s resilience. I wish I could have a say in ending this war, but I don’t. I have Ukraine friends who visit my blog on a daily basis. Also Russian friends as well. I hope both leaders will come to talks and end this. The longer this war ranges on, the more life will be lost. But to what avail?. Let’s end this war soon. Enough already.


Tools. We need tools to repair and to build. Without the needed tools, our projects will take much longer to realize or not realized at all. Tools were designed with certain tasks in mind. A saw and a hammer performs differently, and if used in reverse will cause confusion. The same rings true with what you’re building. Is it a structure like a wall or a house? Or, is it building your online presence. Whatever the means, the right tools are needed to perform the right jobs.


If you put me on an island with no money nor food, I will definitely survive. How? Just give me a mobile device or computer with good internet and I will come up with ways to make some cash. I believe that I’m one of the few people who are recession or crisis proof.

To this day, I invest in mobile phones to carry out the tasks at hand. Mobile phones are more accessible over laptops or tablets. I am able to multitask while on the road or accessing applications in my down or spare time.

Mobile tools such as portable chargers are simple and affordable. It helps while on the road. Since the  Covid-19 crisis, getting an electric outlet to charge your phone is no hard to come by, especially outdoors. Internet access is very important while on the go. I may use wifi while in certain public places as in parks or stations. Hotels rooms can help to access wifi while saving on my phone service data.

New tools

Blogging gets easier if I can get more audiences to view and sign up to my sites. Promoting and advertising are great tools to get my blogs across to a wide range of like minded bloggers and affiliated marketers. Choosing the right programs to get my contents out there publicly is challenging since their are so many programs out there that can do this task. I sign up to many programs. Why? The more the merrier. Some programs will work better than others.

Applications are useful to phones while on the go. Applications are easy access to programs. Constantly monitoring these apps on my devices are essential to making my money making or tracking tools work smoothly. Deleting the ones that work and adding a better replacement helps to keep a balance to my application portfolio. Since some of these programs are data guzzlers, getting a mobile phone with good data storage capacity is great to have. I complete this process by upgrading my mobile phones from time to time. Newer phones, better technology, usually.


Tools are great to carry out your game plan when it comes to your online money making projects. Sadly there may be hiccups preventing you from great success. These are some of the factors that may lead to unsuccessful carry out your game plan.

  • Lack of knowledge.
  • Procrastination
  • Distraction
  • Work ethics
  • Laziness

Knowledge is power only when put to use. If you don’t constantly renew your mind..keep learning new ways…you will be stuck in an abyss.

Procrastination is bad. Keep putting things off…you may never, ever, eventually get to them.

If you are easily distracted? This may lead to the above… procrastination.

Work etchics work well with certain planning and goal oriented. If you have the mentally of “working well only when the boss is around”, this will lead to doomsday to your online business(es).

Laziness…let me put this mildly…it’s self explanatory.

In a nutshell

I constantly purchase or update the “new tools” and old tools I use on a daily basis. I do make a budget for this sort of purchase. Without these tools, I wouldn’t have gotten this far in my online success. I’m still learning nonetheless. If I can get additional tools to help in my sustainable presence here, it would be helpful to my cause.

To your success.

Thanks for reading.


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