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Today I’m featuring on Cryptocurrency and it’s impact on us worldwide. Will share a few apps/platforms if you wish to make addition crypto in your spare time.

Let’s start off with cryptocurrency and how it relates to me in the past and up until today.

It all began over ten years ago…and during my early years of making money online. I was giving an option in claiming my cash. Usually it would be PayPal, check or gift cards as a usual option. Bitcoin was on this option list. I chose Bitcoin. I had no idea what Bitcoin was. Heard of it only by name but had no knowledge of it’s value or ways to invest in it. This was me just keeping an open mind to my learning and discovering new ways to invest. Since using this option, I never looked back…and found ways to invest more in Bitcoins.

UniqueRewards - online rewards program

New coins became available and I jumped on this opportunity as well. Crypto was giving the same attention as my investing in stocks…and as the years go by, investing in cryptocurrency became part of my growing network of online investing portfolio.

Cryptocurrency can be highly volatile. This is the same as investing in highly cyclical stocks like banks and gas and oil industries. Negative news can highly impact how well or not these coins react, just like the stock and bond markets react to the same. I used these same information to better understand and to broaden my knowledge of investing in cryptocurrency.

The good news today is that you can invest in cryptocurrency with little money to start. Partial investing in cryptocurrency can be helpful if the coins you are investing in are highly expensive. Following an investing routine as *dollar cost averaging* can help if needed to not pay too close attention to the rise and fall of this market. *buy when the coins are high, buy when low as well*. You can gain a lot of coins in the long haul by using this method thus increasing your wealth. Many believe that it’s too risky to invest in cryptocurrency. I say. That’s in any other type of investments. But with no risks, they are no true rewards.

Another method to jump start your investment into cryptocurrency is getting paid for your services in lieu of cash or gift cards. Some online money making platforms still use this option as payment, the same as I got introduced to this option over ten years ago.

There are mining platforms as well as others that you can get small portions of cryptocurrency for doing tasks like playing games or taking surveys. Payments can be small, but I look at this as interest on your investments. Free money? I call this an edge plus to regularly investing.

Even though there are still criticism coming from people and the government here and other countries regarding cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency is getting a world lot of publicity worldwide.

Some critics are now investing in this market. They figured, it’s getting bigger each day and people are making millions from it. Why not join in. I’m so thrilled to know that when it comes to cryptocurrency investing, I was always on the inside looking out.

Crypto World

Here I’m going to show you ways you can get introduced into the world of cryptocurrency investing.

1.Use this browser and get crypto. Just use my link below to download to your device and begin using this browser for search and all your internet needs.

2. Use this platform to invest in cryptocurrency. So easy to use interface. Invest in whole or partial crypto. Use my link below.

3. Hey! I’m using Cointiply to earn free Bitcoin every day, use this link to join and start earning:

4. Play games and more. Make weekly threshold and get paid every Tuesday to your bitcoin cash (BTC) address. Also see a bonus to make Litecoin(LTC) after signing up. Download below.


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